Sunday, 27 March 2011

Delicious cafe vs Theobroma Chocolate Lounge

Hmmm..been very busy n had been neglegting this blog for many moons ha ha..anyway, few weeks back my ex-boss arranged a dinner for ex-colleagues and another ex-boss who just got back from India (he's working there), due to busy schedule I had to miss the dinner at E-San Thai Kitchen Ara Damansara My ex-boss fav restaurant it seems. He took us to the other branch in Taman Seputeh before

Anyway, I had not seen my ex-colleagues TH (last met her during our Bangkok trip during xmas 2010), VK & NMM...since our dinner at VK's place. So, NMM called and insisted that we should have dinner soon. Since I'm only available on Sunday, NMM suggested we meet up for tea. I suggested Delicious since as UOB card holder, I can have 50% discount on 26/3/11 n 27/3/11...

On Saturday, my bf was busy with wedding dinner, so I went to 1U n walked into Theobroma Chocolate Lounge (bloggers seem to adore this place), ordered their Iceberg Lady and Seafood Spaghetti Olio Olio. The verdict? Iceberg Lady is just ok n the spaghetti Olio Olio not that satisfying...lack the oomph. For price visit here

Anyway, after the meal, I walked over to Delicious and tapau "Pan Seared Cod served with Sauteed Prawns on Ratatouille & Fried Potatoes" and "Aglio Olio Spaghettini with seafood". The cod fish was delicious but quite pricy at RM48.90 however at 50% discount, why not? The spaghettini..much better than the one in Theobroma Chocolate Lounge.

So, Sunday came and I got 2 massages from NMM n VK that they'll be late. I texted TH and she was at Mark & Spencer. We walked over to Delicious and she ordered "Hearty Noodle Soup with Cod, Vermicelli, Salted Vegetables & Tomato" and I ordered "Pan-seared Crispy Skin Salmon served with Coriander Relish, Asparagus & Fried Potatoes" and for drinks I ordered "Watermelon & Lychee Blast" and TH ordered "Frosty Lychee & Lime'. We enjoyed our late lunch and NMM arrived. She ordered Caesar Salad with Salmon and same drink as TH. VK arrived when I had finished my salmon n she ordered Caesar Salad with chicken. All of us enjoyed our selection. Then we decided to try "Traditional English Afternoon Tea for Two"....we can choose one cake from the display cabinet. "Peach Frangipane with Vanilla Ice Cream" looks good.

The set came with:
Warm Scones with Preserves & Fresh Cream
Assortment of Finger Sandwiches & Duck Confit in Filo Pastry
Strawberry Chocolate dip & Hand-Rolled chocolate truffles
Rosemary & Cheese Cookies
Choice of any one cake on display - we chose Peach Frangipane with Vanilla Ice Cream
Choice of any two cups of tea

Everyone attacked the scones first, then the peach frangipani. the scone is nice but the peach frangipani is just way too sweet...we couldn't finish the set n decided to tapau the leftover..

We stayed there for almost 4 hours and spend almost RM300 (RM287.20 to be exact), but at 50% discount and good chatty time with old friends...priceless.

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