Monday, 17 September 2012

Which Skin Care?

Hi all,

I had been advising my nieces to look after their skin diligently and once they can afford it ie earn own income, they should go for regular facials; but cost is their main issue.

Anyway, last 2 weeks I took them out for lunch at 1Utama and since I'm a regular at Aster Springs (formerly Leonard Drake) we dropped by to 'map' their skin n check out what products are suitable for them but all therapists were busy. So, I decided to dedicate this posting to them so they can decide which brand to go for.

So, which skin care?

For me, I started my first facial experience with Clara , why? well, at the time I just started work (they were affordable) and their outlet was near my office at the time (Jalan Ampang).

Then, I switched job and my new office was in Subang USJ, searched around for new facial place and found Leonard Drake at Sunway Pyramid. why? well, they use Dermalogica a well known brand, and again location and affordability determined my selection.

Then, I realized, not that convenient as I can only do my facial on weekend (not after office hours like before) and I have to drive all the way from Sri Damansara to Sunway for my facial! So, I asked them if they can transfer my file to 1 Utama and they agreed! So, I had been with them ever since but last few months they had quite a major renovation and closed their 1 Utama outlet! All customers to go to other outlets to continue with their programme; well, again location is my issue; so looked around 1 Utama and found Sothys and I signed up with them

Well, all the above are proper facials where you have plenty of treatments to choose from for whatever issues you have with your skin, but I discovered recently a basic place to do your facial! Very pleasant discovery which prompted me to write this topic in my blog.

What happened was, I always have good skin then I started using Dermalogica sun screen and I slept without cleansing my face and that's where the problem started; my skin started to break out and I had lots of scars on my forehead n chin and once the old one healed, new ones will popped up! I stopped using the sunscreen but the scars were stubborn; so I looked around for products to reduce the scars and to stop new zit from appearing, I tried Sothys , Dermalogica , Clarins , Kiehl ,  Lancome  and SK2 

Hmm this is where the story begins, after I bought Lancome from Isetan 1 Utama, the promoter told me with the purchase I was eligible for free facial! just bring the products I purchased during facial day. I got home and googled about Genifique  n Visionnaire  and was concerned with some of the findings; my zits had stopped appearing and the scars are lightening (not sure which products contributed to those since I used so many brands) so I dare not use the wrong product again, so I went n bought SK2 and n keep Lancome untouched! Then I receive a call from Lancome that they have a facial slot for me on Sunday, so I was thinking hmm..I already have the products, just go n try it.I expected the facial will be done at the counter but I was pleasantly surprised, Isetan has a pampering section called Beauty Garden "Beauty Gardens, a pampering area for customers, which uses international skincare brands available at Ground Floor as well as I-Club, to attend to member¡¯s needs"

Beauty Garden is at Isetan 2nd Floor, they have many treatment rooms inside , I notice they have La Mer   , Kose , Shiseido , Neal's Yard and of course Lancome. The therapist was waiting for me, I gave her my untouched box of Genifique youth activator, visionnaire skin corrector, genifique eye, gn shield and genifique mask. She did the usual facial thing by using my products n it was a pleasant experience and comparable to facials received at all the salons that I mentioned above! The difference? Very basic facial, no neck treatment, no eye treatment, no tidying up your brow or removal of upper lip facial hair (offered complimentary by Sothys) or squeezing of blackheads or shoulder/back rub. It is good for those looking for basic facial, or those like me ie facial in between appointments with my regular salon (Sothys n Aster Spring). I'm not sure about the other brands (with treatment rooms at Beauty Garden) ie whether you need to pay for facials or they also adopt complimentary facial with purchased products practiced by Lancome. Anyway, I'm happy with Lancome, will definitely go again for the facial. Just need to make sure I have all 3 product (2 serums and mask) with me during facial day :-)

Facials at Aster Spring n Sothys are expensive, samples of price here  n here but you could get discount when you buy during festive promotions or birthdays and that's how I ended up with plenty of treatments; but with Beauty Garden I think I can save some money, perhaps I don't have to sign up so many courses with Aster Spring/Sothys as I can alternate with cheaper facial at Lancome Isetan.

Other facials appointment (promo) that I signed up but yet to try:
- Mary Chia
- Jesley

Skin Care that I had tried and still using:

- Sothys - face
 - SK2 - face

- Dermalogica - face
- Kiehls - face
- Lancome - face
- Clarins - body
- Loccitane - body,29,1,2270,106327.htm

Cosmetics/Make-up that I'm using:
- Bobbi Brown
- Averine

Products that I stopped using:
- Rejeune; expensive and I don't find it to be effective
- Bio Oil, I don't find it to be effective
- Body Shop, I don't find it to be effective
- Clara. well not that convenient to buy anymore

- Dior. Not suitable for my skin (caused break out)

 - Payot, I love this product n used to buy from ex-colleague but not that convenient to buy anymore

 - Nutrimetics well not that convenient to buy anymore, used to buy from my sister

- Nu Skin; I liked the product, my bf's friend's wife introduced to me but I lost touch with her n I emailed to Nu Skin on how to buy their product (tru website) and no reply! I guess they are not interested to expand their business to new customer!

 - Babor; I hate being conned! I ran out of cleansers (Dermalogica) and I was flying to Paris n I hate not having skincare with me even for 1 morning or 1 night and I can't use products from Watson's, Guradians etc as they dry up my skin, so I went to salon near my house (Sri Damansara) to look for cleanser. I went to Assata, the lady couldn't understand English or Malay much and seemed not interested to do business with me! So, I went to the next salon ie Babor, she sold me a sample! will never ever use Babor really bad ethic! same goes to Assata poor customer service

- Kao Biore; used when I was younger but no longer suitable for my skin

- Follow Me; used when I was younger but no longer suitable for my skin

- Zaitun; used when I was younger but no longer suitable for my skin

- Kanebo used when I was younger but no longer suitable for my skin

- Johnson & Johnson used when I was younger but no longer suitable for my skin

Avon  used when I was younger but no longer suitable for my skin

Other brands tried and found not suitable for my skin:
- Eucerin
- Loreal
- Simple
- Olay
- Nivea
- Roc
- Biotherm
- Clinique

- Jurlique tried in Bangkok (I did my facial there); don't like it

and few others that I can't recall.

My advice? try whatever product caught your fancy, don't go for big tube, ask for trial package or the smallest tube available; if your skin feel tight, dry, peels or you start to break out then the product is not suitable for you. Some people is lucky, they can use cheap and harsh products and their skin keep looking good, others like me with sensitive skin has to spend lots of money to find good product that will not cause problems to the skin.

If you can afford it, try to go for regular facials/pampering :-)