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Halal restaurants in Siem Reap & Phnom Penh
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With Air Asia most of us manage to go for holiday outside Malaysia more than once a year. I think because of increasing numbers of tourist visiting places like Siem Reap, Hanoi etc, more restaurants were set up n amongst them halal restaurants....yeay (jumping with joy).

The last trip I went to Siem Reap n Phnom Penh I joined a muslim group tour (my first time joining tour group - I followed my sis n her colleagues), I don't think I'll join tour group ever again unless I've to (trip to Makkah for one).

Once we arrived in Siem Reap we were taken to an Indian Restaurant for late lunch. Then dinner for the entire trip was at a local malay restaurant - some of the group members actually taught the cook how to cook M'sian malay food! n u guessed it - we've M'sian malay food for the entire trip!

Then, we went to Phnom Penh - same thing again M'sian malay food for all our meals!

For me if I were to travel away from my country I like to experience everything about the country - their food, their culture, their sights etc. But my tour group members were more interested in shopping!

Ohh..I knew thing were not right way from the beginning when the chief organizer planned the itinerary - she included (at the request of some of her friends) visits to local muslim villages n orphanages n reduced the duration for other things things that ppl do when they are in Angkor - visit Angkor!

I blew my top n told her to return my money as my intention was to visit n experience Siem Reap / Phnom Penh n not joining a missionary tour. Anyway, I was the odd one in the group, but for some reason they obliged n stuck to the original plan (by travel agent) but they still squeezed in visits to local muslim villages in Siem Reap n Phnom Penh. Well at least only 2 villages instead of a few as planned by the ladies earlier....bizarre...

Obviously I didn't enjoy that trip much but I love visiting the ancient temples n definitely will visit Angkor again Insyaallah. Next time free n easy.....

Anyway, here are halal eateries in Siem Reap & Phnom Penh:

Degustation of Amok - Banana Leaf Restaurant - Siem Reap by Alexandra Moss.
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1. Hotel with halal restaurant Siem Reap –

a. Princess Angkor

b. Damnak Angkor Village

2. Hotels with halal restaurants Phnom Penh
City Villa


Holiday Villa

3. Restaurants Siem Reap







g. vegetarian

4. KFC
5. Food review

6. Restaurants - Phnom Penh / Siem Reap

7. Restaurants Phnom Penh

8. Tips –,26058,24022310-27977,00.html

Halal restaurants in Chiang Mai
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I've been planning to go to Chiang Mai for quite some time, research done BUT the plan yet to materialize :-( I guess why not share my research with fellow travellers eh?

Khao soi from lam duan by phil.lees.
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1. Muslim hotel with halal restaurant
Farooq - Jen Pao halal Chinese restaurant has moved to Chiang Roy hotel on Arak (J1). Tel: 084-150-6243.

Baantai Hotel

2. Hotel near halal eateries –
Suriwongse Hotel

Pornping Tower

Lanna Palace







9. New in Anusarn Market is Al-Hussain, open daily 9am-midnight. Tel: 053-284-125. For more additions/listings, see which offers information on Muslim food and restaurants throughout Thailand.



12. With food review

13. With food review

14. With food review

15. With food review


17. Tips

18. Muslim areas - Chang Peuak and South Changklan) are predominantly Bengali, or South Asian in character, whilst two others (Ban Haw and Sanphakoi) are predominantly Yunnanese.

19. ASMA RESTAURANT - Now an open air restaurant behind the Peak center in night bazaar Nice decor and Muslim food and reasonably priced with air conditioning and friendly staff.

Halal restaurants in Dannok - Hat Yai (Haad Yai) – Krabi – Koh Samui
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Southern Thailand has quite a sizeable muslim population hence finding halal food is quite easy.

I've been to Dannok (nearby my home town in Kedah) - interesting place but don't think I'll go there again. Been to Krabi too - This place can warrant a re-visit, quieter then Phuket (though I prefer Phuket), beautiful beaches n lime stone formations.

From my visits I found Phuket locals are friendlier than Krabi locals - maybe Phuket has been in tourism business longer than Krabi n they know they need to treat tourists nicely to ensure repeat visits.

This site only caters to finding halal food but if u decide to visit Thailand or whereever, plan your journey by knowing the basic stuffs - where to stay, where to eat, where to see, where to shop, what to do, how to move about, etc - there are loads of other sites offering these info.

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1. Halal food


1. halal eateries

2. halal tips


1. Muslim owned hotels

2. Muslim travel agent

3. Halal eateries

4. Halal tips


1. Hotel near muslim area – Chaba Samui

2. Halal tips

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Halal restaurants in Phuket

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I know quite a lot of my muslim friends refrain from holidaying away from muslim countries because of food..well with globalization n mass migration halal restaurants are no longer rarity. So, travel n enjoy local food while you are healthy, still has plenty of energy n of course has money to spend.......browse for tips n places to go below:

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1. Muslim travel agent

2. Hotels with halal restaurants

3. Hotel near muslim area - Cape Panwa Hotel




7. Chumchon Restaurant (halal) -





12. Golden Kinnaree Buffet Restaurant




Halal restaurants in Bangkok
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I told my mom that I just came back from Bangkok few months back; immediately she asked “how did you find halal food there?”

Told her “Well..actually quite a lot of muslims in Bangkok, so finding halal food was not really a problem”.

So, if you were to visit Bangkok leave your instant noodles at home, explore the city n worry not about food, just print pages from websites below n enjoy the trip n tom yum n mieng kam etc...or even nasi lemak :-)

Refer to these websites for halal food eateries:

Image from

1. Bangkok tips for first timer

2. Hotels with halal restaurant

3. Hotels near halal eateries















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Halal Malay restaurants in KL

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Thinking of how to describe malay food (believe it or not some of my non-malay malaysian friends never tasted lontong, soto etc – to them malay food - satay, kari (curry), nasi lemak n rendang tsk tsk tsk. But then again lots of my malay friends n relatives never tasted kam heong lala or garlic prawns or nyonya curry mee i guess it is nothing to do with one’s race but rather individual palate.

Well it is quite difficult to describe malay food in M’sia since we’ve 13 states n 3 federal territories n each area has its own distinct type of cooking.

Anyway, basically malay food comprises of either rice (plain rice, nasi tomato, nasi minyak, nasi daging, nasi biryani etc), meat/seafood/vegetables to accompany rice dishes or one dish meal (eat on its own) like noodles (mi sup, mi bandung, mihun goreng, laksa, lontong, soto etc.)

As for dishes to accompany our staple food - rice, this site describes it quite aptly:

“Malay cuisine is generally rich and spicy due to the liberal use of coconut milk and fresh and dry spices. Dishes and style of cooking vary from state to state. For example, Kelantanese from the North is generally rich and sweetish due to coconut milk. On the other hand, Kedahan food is generally spicier due to Indian and Thai influences.

Many Malay signature dishes require belacan, which adds flavour and aroma to any dish. Belacan is made from fermented baby shrimps and formed into small cakes. It imparts a powerful scent that may be too strong for some! However once cooked with other ingredients, the taste is heavenly!

Malay cooking can be classified into the following categories: Masak lemak (coconut milk), masak pedas (hot chillies), masak assam (tamarind), masak merah (tomoto sauce), masak hitam (dark-sweet soya sauce) and masak assam pedas (tamarind, hot chillies).

One of the most notable Malay dishes known worldwide is �beef rendang� (or spiced coconut beef dry curry) and �satay� (barbequed meat skewers served with a spicy peanut sauce). Rendang is especially enjoyed during festive occasions.

As in most Asian cuisines, rice is a staple that is eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner. A notable Malaysian favourite is nasi lemak, which is rice cooked in coconut milk and served with anchovies, squid, eggs, cucumber and a spicy chili paste called sambal”

So, my non-malay Malaysian friends if you wish to find out what is soto you can read here or better still pay a visit to any of the restaurants below to sample various kind of dishes……. And here u can read more about Laksa Sarawak

Anyway, please note that some of the links below are not quite accurate when categorizing malay restaurants (some restaurants offer malay-thai food, malay-western food etc); but then again, believe it or not it is actually quite difficult to find restaurants selling authentic malay food. The only time (once a year) one can find authentic Malay food at one place is during Ramadhan (fasting month) where most hotels and restaurants will offer authentic Malay food for break fast n of course lots of ramadhan bazaar will sprout all over the country selling all kind of food.

Other time? One has to visit different stalls or restaurants to sample various kind of Malay foods.

1. Intro to malay food

2. Various

3. Various restaurants

4. Various restaurants

5. Various restaurants / stalls

6. Various

7. Various

8. Various

9. Tupai Tupai Bkt Petaling

10. Bijan

11. Enak

12. Seri Melayu

13. Rebung

14. Kelantan Delight KL Sentral

15. Belanga The Gardens

16. Pinang Masak Bkt Tunku

17. Kafe Bawang Merah SS12

18. Pekan Kopitiam Damansara

19. Haslam Jln Pahang

20. Restoran Hassan Jln HS Lee / Kg Baru / USJ10 / Shah Alam

21. Various stalls –

22. Various stalls

23. Various stalls

24. Kak Mah

25. Satay

26. Nasi Lemak Kg Baru

Jln Alor


Kelana Jaya

27. Lontong Mak Yah PJ

28. Soto Sg Buloh

29. Laksa Johor

30. Mee Bandung

31. Mee Jawa

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Halal western restaurants in KL

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There are plenty of western restaurants in Klang Valley. Whatever u crave for - italian, spanish, tex-mex, hungarian, argentinean steak, pasta, pizza etc.

Generally western restaurants serve more expensive food compared to restaurants serving local food (malay/chinese/indian), however nowadays it is quite common for mamak or hawker stalls to serve western dishes like steak, chicken chop, pasta etc.

For us Muslims in KL/M'sia, we are so lucky because we are able to sample food from around the world without worry because most restaurants are halal or pork free.Ha ha n we can only sample food from different countries here, because if we were to visit foreign countries most of the time we are not able to do so because of diet restriction.

When I toured the states years ago, I was so tempted to tried their ribs n even McD n Burger King but....because of my diet restriction I can only eat bread, egg, fries, salad n more veges!! ...and when I was backpacking across Europe during my student days I had to lug with me instant noodles, dried rendang (meat floss), boiled eggs n cans of sardines n of course we would buy bread wherever we were. So we had Austrian bread, Belgian waffle, French croissant, German bread, Czech bread, Norwegian bread, Swedish bread, Danish bread, bread, bread n more bread...I was sick of bread by the end of the almost 4 weeks trip.

So, those of you who plan to stay in non-muslim countries for couple of years because of studying or working, stuff yourself silly before flying there....:-)

**Some of the restaurants below are pork-free i.e. not certified halal by JAKIM because they serve alcohol at their premises or they did not apply for halal certification from JAKIM. Check before ordering food to satisfy yourself that meat served was procured from halal certified supplier.

1. GAUCHO GRILL Chulan Square

2. Maredo’s Steakhouse Crown Regency Jln P.Ramli\Pg479.asp

3. Izzi Bukit Bintang

4. Jake’s Bkt Bintang

5. Charcoal Grill Angus House Pavilion

6. Tony Roma’s

7. Chinoz on the Park KLCC

8. San Francisco Steak House

9. TGI Friday

10. Modesto’s

11. Victoria Station

12. Roadhouse Grille Jln Ampang

13. La Risata Ampang

14. Chilli’

15. The Ship

16. Coliseum Jln TAR

17. Din Chop n Steak Kg Baru

18. Prime Le Meridien

19. Cava Bangsar

20. Il Divo Ristorante Italiano Desa Sri Hartamas

21. Fasta Pasta Ikano

22. Jack’s Place 1 Utama

23. Pasta Fredo Italian Restaurant TTDI

24. Cowboy Station Kelana Jaya

25. William’s Kelana Jaya

26. Pasta de Gohan Sunway Pyramid

27. Salmon Steak Café SS15

28. D’fortune USJ10

29. Las Carretas USJ10 – quite lengthy but funny entry, read on

30. Pizza Uno USJ10

31. Milwaukee Steak Corner

32. Kafe Borak Borak Wangsa Melawati

33. Friske Steakhouse

34. Secret Recipe

35. Various

36. Various -

37. Various

38. Various

39. More at

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Halal indian restaurants in KL

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I've yet to hear indian restaurants serving pork in M'sia. So I supposed all indian restaurants are pork free. However, not all indian restaurants owners are muslim, so for me if I were to eat at pork free restaurants (those without Jakim cert or halal cert from meat supplier) I'll stick to non meat dishes.

List of indian or mamak or moghul restaurants in KL/S'ngor are endless. I like Kanna in PJ (heard abt it on radio n told my bf abt it, one of our most frequented joints), we frequented Pelita in Jln Ampang often too - food not too bad and the location is very convenient for us hence the frequency of visits. Ohh I like Devi's Corner too in Bangsar n an indian restaurant next to Madam Kwan Bangsar - just couldn't recall the name.

As for Moghul food, Nawab at Chulan Square not bad at all

There's another moghul restaurant in Desa Sri Hartamas, very nice n cheaper than Nawab (typical mamak joint but serving moghul food) - ha ha again just couldn't recall the name. But my bf knows where's the place, will make an effort to jot down the name next time we are there.

There are 2 places that I like but I just couldn't recall the name nor the exact locations - fish head curry in Sentul (my sub-contractor brought me there loong time ago) n a banana leaves restaurant somewhere in PJ - this restaurant displays/hangs quotes from various political leaders like TDM, Samy Vellu, Gandhi n few others.

Ha ha from this post u'll notice I'm quite hopeless with names...I guess my bf always know where to go for good food n I rely heavily on him to get us there. I should make extra effort to jot down or at least remember the restaurants names so I can share with my friends.

Here are amongst many restaurants in town as recommended by floggers:

**Some of the restaurants below are pork-free i.e. not certified halal by JAKIM because they serve alcohol at their premises or they did not apply for halal certification from JAKIM. Check before ordering food to satisfy yourself that meat served was procured from halal certified supplier.

1. Madurai Sri Meenakshi Mess Lebuh Ampang

2. Santa Capati House Jln tun HS Lee

3. Tiger Jit Singh Chapati Jln San Peng

4. Gem KL Sentral

5. Mathai’s Brickfield

6. Gopala Brickfield

7. Hare Krsna Vegetarian Brickfield

8. Indian sweetmeats

9. Vishal's, Brickfields

10. Restoran B’Sentral Brickfield

11. Spice Garden Bangsar

12. Sagar Bangsar

13. Kanna Curry House PJ

14. Raju Jln Gasing PJ

15. Manja Curry House PJ

16. Lotus PJ

17. Chola Spice Garden Bdr Sunway

18. More at and here

Halal Indonesian restaurants in KL

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Looong time ago when I was studying in secondary school (boarding school) in Kulim Kedah, my friends and I always frequented a nasi padang stall (shared with a chinese coffee shop) in town during our weekend outing (every forthnightly we were allowed to leave the school). To us (n probably 3/4 of the school) it was the best food ever! I heard from my seniors who now reside in Kulim that the stall is still there but 'nothing great la', I guess we've all grown up n tasted better things .........

I've been to Indonesia few times - Jakarta, Yogya, Solo, Bali but don't really like their food. Tried bakso, nasi uduk, soto - once is enough really... don't like it. Other food - sweetish...

But I like nasi padang, again looong time ago when I first started working in Taipan USJ, there was this great nasi padang restaurant, food was great but really expensive; double the price of our usual nasi campur lunch (economy rice). They had a log book showing famous visitors - celebrities, politicians..sadly they couldn't survive (I guess it was just way too expensive for quick lunch for most people) n they closed shop after few months.

After that I was happy when Sari Ratu opened its first branch in Jln Sultan Ismail. A place to satisfy my craving for good nasi padang.

Weird...I still prefer Sari Ratu KL compared to nasi padang I sampled in Magelang when we visited Borobudur (supposedly good n it was not one of those outlets from chain restaurants; our donkey cart driver took us friend kept on telling him 'take us to the best nasi padang in town'..ha ha we were expecting a big restaurant little shop...really little. We were disappointed was clean n why not try food recommended by the local?)

In KL, you may want to try these restaurants as recommended by floggers (foodie bloggers):

1. Indonesian stalls – Kg Baru

2. Restaurant T.A.R Chow Kit

3. Bangsawan Pavilion

4. Pondok Gurame Restaurant Jln P.Ramli

5. House of Sundanese KLCC

6. Cato’s Rijsffafel G/F Wisma Chinese Chambers– This is a unique Batavian restaurant, with a blend of Indonesian and Dutch cuisine from colonial days gone by. The romantic environment of the restaurant is ideal for couples to dine on fusion dishes with candle lighting.

7. Restoran Puti Bungsu Batam Jln Yap Kwan Seng

8. Sari Ratu Desa Pandan

9. Sari Bunda Desa Pandan

10. Ayam Bakar Wong Solo Ampang

11. Waroeng Penyet The Curve

12. Minang Salero Sentul

13. Salero Negori Amcorp Mall

14. Batavia Indonesian Restaurant Sunway

15. Ayam Penyet Ria Sunway

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Halal Indo Chinese Restaurants (Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Burmese) in KL

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Guess what I think I've covered almost all popular Asian food in KL/S'ngor except Indian n Indonesian which will be covered later. Tried looking for Mongolian n filipino restaurants but they are not pork free. For my non-muslim friends if u want to try Mongolian food get details from n for filipino food read at

Halal / Pork free Indo Chinese Restaurants (Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Burmese):

**Some of the restaurants below are pork-free i.e. not certified halal by JAKIM because they serve alcohol at their premises or they did not apply for halal certification from JAKIM. Check before ordering food to satisfy yourself that meat served was procured from halal certified supplier.

1. CoChine Lounge & Restaurant Jln Doraisamy KL

2. Paradise Palace Sogo

3. Exotic Restaurant Desa Sri Hartamas

4. Tamarind Spring Ampang

5. Yangon Delight Ampang Point

Halal Thai Restaurants in KL

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Recently I went to Bangkok with my friend, her main agenda - shopping; me? FOOD...delicious n much cheaper than here in KL (of course....eyes rolling).

As u can see from the list below I think in term of numbers we can find Thai restaurants in KL much easier than malay restaurants....almost every corner of Klang Valley will have at least 1 or 2 numbers of Thai eateries. But, taste wise not that authentic......

Anyway, not all restaurants listed below are good, read the review by bloggers before you decide where to go. I've been to Tamarind Hill (great ambience, food quite good but expensive); Flying Chillies (food is good but I wish they'll serve their tom yum piping hot instead of luke warm); Nong & Jimmy - my bf n I love the food there. Anyway, read on n try these restaurants for yourself n share with us your experience.

**Some of the restaurants below are pork-free i.e. not certified halal by JAKIM because they serve alcohol at their premises or they did not apply for halal certification from JAKIM. Check before ordering food to satisfy yourself that meat served was procured from halal certified supplier.

1. Rain Nudle House KLCC

2. Chakri Palace KLCC

3. Pormtip Thai BBQ Seafood Sucasa Service Apartments

4. Chitralada Great Eastern Mall

5. Baan 26 Bkt Bintang

6. My Thai Starhill

7. Celadon Pavillion

8. Bangkok Jazz Chulan Square

9. Soi 23 Pacific Regency Apt Jln P Ramli KL

10. Basil Leave Jln Damai

11. Tamarind Hill Ampang

12. Dusit Villa Ampang Point

13. Nong & Jimmy Ampang

14. Name of the place : Wangsa Seafood. Whats good: Tom Yam. Some description : Try the Tom Yam, I have been to all expensive and calim to be an authentic Thai Foodspecialist, but this one really beats the rest in term of superb taste on thick and juicy Tom Yam soup, very nice Kerabu Mangga at a very-very reasonable price, just like normal Tom Yam Stall pricing.Bet you all will agreed this is among the best Tom Yam places in KL.To get there, its not far from Wangsa Melawati Mosque, Enter after Traffic light at the Army Camp either from Wangsa Maju or Keramat, once you are on the position where the Mosque is on the Left, Go straight for ½-1 kilometer and you will see Wangsa Seafood on your right side of the road.

15. Ginger Restaurant Central Market

16. Just Thai 1-Utama

17. Thai Nudle House 1-Utama

18. Good Evening Bangkok 1-Utama

19. Absolute Thai Ikano Power Centre

20. Thai Express The Curve

21. Erawan Dataran Sunway Kota Damansara

22. The Bird Restaurant Bdr Manjalara (pork free)

23. Krua Thai Kepong

24. De Chiengmai Sg Buloh

25. Sri Ayutthaya Damansara Heights

26. SILOM Thai Restaurant + Bar Plaza Damansara

27. Exotic Desa Sri Hartamas (pork free)

28. Pad Thai Hartamas Shopping Ctr

29. Makansutra Plaza Damas

30. Basil Thai Nudle House Bangsar Village


32. Lanna Thai, 17, Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar Baru,

33. Montien Bangsar

34. Planter’s Jim Bangsar

35. Amarin Mid Valley

36. Flying Chillies, The Gardens

37. Rak Thai Amcorp Mall

38. Khuntai Jln Gasing PJ (pork free)

39. My Elephant Sec 17 PJ

40. Sri Siam SS2

41. Green House SS18

42. Sawasdee Thai Kitchen, The Summit USJ

43. Actually Thai Sunway Pyramid

44. Dusit Thai Sunway Pyramid

45. Restoran Thai Lagoon, No.45, Jalan PJS 11/28B, Bandar Sunway,a Thai and her family operates this halal restaurant. Nothing fancy about this restaurant but tasty thai dishes to whet your appetites

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Middle Eastern Restaurants in KL

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My experience with middle eastern food was limited to Kebab when I was studying in Huddersfield / Bradford, n the kebab was more like northern Indian kebab (actually more to Pakistani) kebab rather than middle eastern kebab.

Anyway, when I spotted Tarbush in Ampang Point years ago, I decided to try n I like the food – tabouleh, hommus, kibbeh, shish tawook etc.

I frequented the place quite often whenever I was in Ampang n I introduced the food to my family too – my father loves their biryani though he commented it was a bit dry compared to Indian biryani.

Yet to try most of the places below, do share your experience if you've sampled their food.

1. Bukhara KLCC

2. Al Marjan KLCC

3. Tarbush Bkt Bintang

4. Al Bait Lebanese Restaurant Bkt Bintang

5. Sahara Tent Bkt Bintang

6. Bosphorus restaurant Pavillion

7. Al-Amar Restaurant Pavillion

8. Hadramawt Restaurant Chulan Square

9. Al Amir Jln Damai KL

10. Al-Rawshya Jln Damai

11. Andalus Restaurant Jalan Damai

12. Al-Maghreb is at 1, Lorong Damai 9, Off Jalan Damai, 50450 Ampang

13. Restoran Saray Turkish Restaurant Jln Doraisamy KL

14. Museum Restaurant Jln Cenderasari KL

15. Al Nafourah / The Patio Le Meridien

16. Al Diafah Sri Petaling

17. lDELLA RESTAURANT, Jln Kuchai Lama

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Halal Vietnamese restaurants in KL

Image from

What triggers my fascination with Vietnamese food? Beef noodle (Pho Bo)!

Looooog time ago, I went to my bf’s office at Jln Sultan Ismail to meet him for dinner, he was busy n the road was heavily clogged with cars, so we decided to walk over to the The Lodge n have quick dinner there. I ordered Vietnamese beef noodle n it was delicious!

After some time (long time after that), we went there again n they no longer served the dish! Since then been trying to look for good Pho Bo but so far no luck.

I’ve tried Pho Bo at Bangsar Village (I can’t remember the restaurant’s name) not nice at all. Anyway, sometimes just to satisfy my craving, I’ll go to Secret Recipe for their so so beef noodle. What to do, not many halal Vietnamese eateries around KL

Recently I saw The Star published a recipe on Pho Bo, maybe I’ll try n cook.....ha ha.

For introduction to beef noodles visit this site

Few months back, my ex-boss suggested that we meet up for dinner, so of course my ex-colleagues turned to me for suggestion since “I’m the one with lots of dos n don’ts”, so I suggested CoDo (been there several times with my friends) – my ex-boss wasn’t super happy with the selection n suggested to another colleague that we should go to Sao Nam; but it was a last minute call n they wasn’t sure abt halal/pork free status of Sao Nam, so we ended up at CoDo. I guess the rest of us was happy with CoDo but I think my x-boss still wished that we opted for Sao Nam instead. Well maybe next time...

Eateries listed below are either halal/pork free – call the outlets to verify which is which, n if the eatery is pork free whether meat use is halal or not.

1. Vinh City Bkt Bintang Plaza

2. La Lot Pavillion

3. Viet Passion Chulan Square

4. Sao Nam Vietnamese Restaurant Tengkat Tongshin

5. Pho Hoa The Curve

6. CoDo Vietnamese Restaurant @ Mid Valley


8. Cungdinh Vietnam Restaurant, One Bangsar, Jln ara off Jln Maarof Bangsar