Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Food at Selayang Mall

From my previous postings, you'll notice that my office is in Selayang (been working here 1 and a half years already - since 4/2/08). Within walking distance we have very limited selection of eateries (mostly roadside stalls).

Most of the time I try to skip lunch (as part of my dieting attemp ha ha) but sometimes (if I skipped breakfast or dinner previous night) I'll be really hungry and need to eat during lunch time.

What to eat? the stalls or drive out? Most of the time I'll drive out to malay restaurants nearby Selayang stadium, or go to Selayang local council food court...

Recently I discovered a shopping mall nearby my office, only 10 minutes drive....so far I've tried:
  1. Food court - quite yucky actually
  2. Mc Donald - service here quite good. friendly and they serve you free coke when your food take longer time to prepare.
  3. KFC - busy outlet.
  4. Shakey's Pizza - the worst pizza joint I've ever been to! Yesterday I went to the mall to tapau my dinner, wanted to go to Penang Express but couldn't locate the shop, so decided to tapau pizza. I should have listened to my instinc! I was looking at the menu displayed at the entrance, a waiter came n hovered then she said if you want to tapau the menu is inside! I told her off and said I'll go in if I decide to buy food from the shop. Then another girl came and hover! For some unexplanable reason I walked in and ordered pizza and fried chicken. They took their time to take my order as they have to wait for different guy to man the cashier counter. After my order the food took long time to prepare (longer than pizza hut / domino time limit of 15-20min); When I asked the guy at the counter apologized and said they just realized they ran out of coleslaw and they are frying potato chips to replace the coleslaw and of course they never bothered to inform me about it! Then, came the pizza..the worst pizza I've eaver eaten...dry and tasteless! I've been to Shakey's at my old office in USJ9, taste not bad and service is good, when you go in they greeted you and while you wait they provide you with free coke. Here...well I will never ever go to this place again. Now, mystery solved. I mean Shakey's was amongst the pioneers in serving pizza in KL yet their presence compared to Pizza Hut and Domino's almost invisible...now you have your answer. http://julietchun.blogspot.com/2008/05/sale-jom-shopping.html ; http://ejartsweetcatchy.blogspot.com/2008/09/jalan2selayang.html
  5. Ketupat & Rendang - in front of Shakey's 2 malay girls sell ketupat and rendang. As I was hungry everything look good :-) so i bought 1 bundle of rice ketupat (5 pieces per bundle) RM4.50; 5 pieces of ketupat pulut RM4.50 and 200 gram Rendang Tok RM10.00. Rendang Tok is delicious, I don't mind buying it again but the ketupat pulut taste very bland...I guess I can only eat good ketupat pulut from my mom.
  6. Pappa Kopitiam - nothing special but palatable enough to fill one's hungry stomach. http://jancanfly.blogspot.com/2009/05/pappa-kopitiam-selayang-mall-kl.html ; http://mimid3vils.blogspot.com/2008/04/papa-kopitiam.html ; http://www.pappakopitiam.com.my/default.asp?contentID=533 ; http://www.3-meals.com/?p=318
  7. Borneo Station - expensive and I don't like the food. http://www.borneostation.com/Default.asp ; http://sirei5198.blogspot.com/2009/04/borneo-station.html ; http://beckleesblog.com/?p=586
  8. Garden's Cafe - food taste awful
  9. Johnny's - same taste as other branches. place quite empty http://www.johnnyrestaurant.com/menu.htm ; http://www.sawanila.com/kedai/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=515:wefwefweferwfwe&catid=50:makan-time&Itemid=153 ; http://foodmoochers.blogspot.com/2007/04/johnnys-steamboat.html
  10. Secret Recipe - don't have the craving for this place yet as I've frequented their Sri Damansara outlet very often. http://www.secretrecipe.com.my/
  11. Penang Express - just tried today, they have promotion where you can order one drink (from 3pm to 6pm) and you get to buy char kuew tiaw for RM1. Offer from 3/6/09 to 30/6/09. Anyway, I went there during lunch time and my lime kasturi drink (lime and asam boi drink) and a plate of char kuey tiaw cost me RM12.40! very expensive. Still cheaper than Borneo Station, a plate of their fish noodle almost RM10!
  12. Cone Pizza - yet to try http://www.foodstreet.com.my/food-street/opage.s?outlet=Italian+Cone+Pizza ; http://www.conepizza.com.my/ ; http://www.kornykornelius.com/?tag=cone-pizza
  13. Haji Samuri - yet to try, I'm sure taste wise must be the same as other outlets. http://www.onestopmalaysia.com/food-reviews/selangor/kajang-satay-(haji-samuri).html ; http://kyspeaks.com/2007/06/20/ky-eats-sate-kajang-haji-samuri-at-damansara-uptown/ ; http://food.malaysiamostwanted.com/venues/restoran-sate-kajang-hj-samuri-satay-bgn-dato-nazir ; http://www.thekualalumpurtraveler.com/satay-kajang-hj-samuri-the-best-satay-in-malaysia/

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Bandung / Jakarta trip

After months of planning and research, we visited Jakarta & Bandung.

8 of us (my parents, my 2 sisters, my sisters in law and a nephew) and 3 kids (a niece and 2 nephews).

The group was split into 2. First group went to Jakarta on 6/6/09 and left for Bandung by train on 7/6/09. Second group flew straight to Bandung from KL on 7/6/09.

Flight –

6/6/09 – 11/6/09 KL-Jkt-KL : KLM RM301 return ticket per adult & RM201 per child. http://www.klm.com/travel/my_en/index_default.html

7/6/09 KL-Bandung: Air Asia RM50/pax (promo);http://www.airasia.com/

12/6/09 Jkt-KL: Lion Air RM154/pax http://www.lionair.co.id/

All expenses for 3D/2N in Bandung and 3D/3N in Jakarta RM600/adult excluding flights n shopping money. Well we only stayed 2 nights at Geulis Hotel in Bandung. In Jakarta we stayed at my sis’s house.

Read on perhaps you’ll find info here useful for your next trip.

6/6/09 saturday

KLM Internet check-in – very useful to avoid long queue at KLIA. All we need to do just drop off our bags at the designated counter.

During booking (if you are a muslim) specify you require halal food.

KLM meals – not bad

bandung n jogja 009

Adult – fried noodles / jelly / rojak

Kiddy’s meal – spaghetti bolognaise / , kit-kat / fruit / ribena. With the box they provide colouring page for the kid. My niece tore of the page to be coloured later n left it on the plane. She kept on bugging the mother for it while we were in Indonesia; we thought KLM will provide the same box on our journey back but turned out that was a promo pack. My niece sulked through out the flight back.

My sis & family picked us up from airport. On the way we dropped by at Grand Indonesia http://www.grand-indonesia.com/#(similar to our Mid Valley etc), interesting mall, they have theme for each section including the toilet – Middle East, Japanese etc. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RumIH970TkI

Went to a book shop n bought Mentari prepaid card. Rp6500 for a sim card and we topped up Rp50k. Very cheap, to call M’sia flat rate Rp60/6 sec (RM0.20/min). We didn’t need to top up for our entire stay there. However on 7/6 to 8/6 we could not call M’sia, only local calls, something wrong with their network connection. http://www.indosat.com/

I bought l’occitanne at Seibu – slightly cheaper than KL. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seibu_Department_Stores#Indonesia ; http://www.loccitane.com/29/1/2270/34000/A-True-Story.htm

After dinner went home. Our dinner was at Waroeng Podjok: http://www.warjok.com/concept.php

Sup buntut x 2pax

Sup buntut goreng x 1pax

ikan patin x 1 pax

soto bandung x 1pax

sayur asem x 1 pax

all with rice

Food? Not bad..amongst the better one compared to others that we tried while in


7/6/09 sunday

Took 2nd train (9am). Only Rp50,000/pax (Argo Gede), with the ticket you get a bun, a glass of mineral water and a pack of wet tissue (they distributed the goody on train). http://infoka.kereta-api.com/jadwal_dan_tarif/artikel.php?to_path=/jadwal_dan_tarif/artikel.php&ka=ARGO+GEDE&ch_lang=en

We reached Stasiun Gambir quite early, so after we bought the ticket, my bro in law took us to visit Masjid Istiqlal nearby. After walked around & performed sunat prayer we went back to Stasiun Gambir. http://www.masjidistiqlal.com/

We were carrying heavy bags – lugging them up the stairs to platform (from foyer) and only noticed the lift when we reached the platform sigh...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wxDESlzlPew&feature=related

Train? Similar to M’sia KTM la..not superbly clean like European or British or American train but reasonably clean. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l6Fod0SCH8Y

Our bags were heavy, so when a porter offered to store them in the overhead compartment, his service was welcomed. Still a bit blur on Rupiah value, I paid him Rp1,000! He stared at me and showed 5 fingers. He wanted Rp5,000  lucky my sister had small change from her previous trip to Indonesia.

After the porter incidence we realized we need small change (when we changed RM to Rp in KL we only had Rp50,000 and Rp100,000 notes).

So, my sis-in-law bought 2 bottles of water (Rp3k/bottle) from the train staff (they sell stuffs first before distributing free goodies to passenger). Ha ha slight commotion since my sister said we shouldn’t let the staff kept the Rp50k (the guy said he’ll return the balance once he has small change).

Anyway, my sis’s worry for no reason, we saw the guy again walking to and fro selling stuffs later. It seems he tried to tempt us to buy his stuffs (toys. Souvenirs, snacks etc) and only returned the balance when we almost reached Bandung.

During lunch – Argo Gede offers nasi rames, nasi goreng, chicken cordon bleu, nasi rawon. we ordered nasi goreng (Rp15k)for my niece but she slept through out the journey. So we asked the staff to pack the food for us. We saw other passengers enjoying hot steaming lunch in proper plate & cutlery.

Nasi Rames (Mini Rijstafel)[nasi-rawon-buntut.jpg]http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3245/2658180493_03da38496d_m.jpg

Images from http://www.yelp.com/biz_photos/A9vU7J-GUs3lQBi69_z_Zg?select=KaOdCNucRoG-Pqam65gNuQ ; http://yahaa-fly.blogspot.com/ ; pujangga.net/.../07/12/nasi-goreng-restorka/

The 3 hour journey was pleasant , whenever bored/tired we walked around. N the view? from jkt you can see guys and kids sifting through garbage for useful items, then the train pass through paddy fields, villages and nearer to Bandung you can see terraced paddy fields, deep ravine. Mountains.. beautiful. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i_sxHS5UM_o&feature=related ; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RtnTANRj_1k ; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=78NLSjNtuCk&feature=related

I guess if I were to go to bandung again from jkt, i'll choose train over car...

We reached Bandung station n saw 2 gates Utara & Selatan, not sure where our hotel rep waited for us, we went to gate Selatan; turned out main entrance is at gate utara…..

Hotel Geulis http://www.geulis-hotel.com/room.php?id=2&aksi=lihat

Nice, clean hotel. We took 2 family suites for Rp4,120,800 (RM1,413) for 2 nights. The suite is a duplex unit with one double bed on lower floor and 2 single beds on upper floor. And one bathroom.

We booked the hotel through Bayu Buana http://www.bayubuanatravel.com/ n the rate is cheaper than buying direct from hotel. The rate is also cheaper than usual rate quoted to foreigners because my sis resides in Jakarta and she bought the hotel voucher for us using local rate.

We were hungry and shared Argo Gede nasi goreng – surprisingly good and the portion is huge.

After a nice rest we started our factory outlets exploration around Geulis Hotel. We started across the street - Coconel right in front of our hotel, it sells shoes. Next is Grande – this one sells clothes etc, next is Jetset also sells clothes n stuffs, next is Blossom – clothes n more clothes.

By now my sis was tired and my niece was throwing tantrum as she was hungry. So we walked to Kartika Sari for our dinner and to pack food for group 2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VF4sVz6cwz8

Food? Ok la since we were hungry (we had better food at Waroeng Podjok at Grand Indonesia).

Nasi capcay Rp22,000 (RM7.54) x 1pax

Nasi goreng ikan asin Rp19,500 (RM6.69) x 5pax

Nasi goreng kampung Rp22,500 (RM7.71) x 1pax

Sup buntut goreng Rp34,000 (RM11.66) x 1 pax

orange juice Rp10,000 (RM3.43) x 3pax

Strawberry ice cream Rp12,727 (RM4.36) x 1pax

TOTAL: Rp240,600 (RM82.52)


Pisang bolen mini Rp23,000 (RM7.89) x 2 boxes

Brownies kukus adinda Rp24,000 (RM8.23) x 1 box

Brownies choco chips Rp30,000 (RM10.29)

Kacang bogor Rp22,500 (RM7.71)

Total: Rp122,500 (RM42.00)

After dinner, we were too tired to walk back and took angkutan. How much? Rp4,600 for 4 of us.

8/6/09 monday

Breakfast at 7am – small spread but not bad - nasi goreng, pastries, bread,porridge, lontong, eggs, noodle etc.

After breakfast, the older generations wanted to go to Pasar Baru http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ImCG4NmDsgI&feature=related while the younger group prefers FOs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A9FCbeWoioM&feature=related , so we split into 2 groups and call Zafiracar http://www.zafiracar.com/ for a car

(we already booked 2 units of 7-seaters for use on 9/6/09 to 11/6/09 and 1 unit 7-seater on 12/6/09 cost us Rp3.1mil). He charged us Rp400k for a unit of 7-seater for a day. So total spent on transport Rp3.6mil excluding drivers’ meal n tips, Zafiracar told us to pay the drivers Rp25k each per day (on 8/6 the driver ate with group 2 in Pasar Baru not sure if they paid the driver any tip or not; on 9/6 we paid Rp25k to each driver for their lunch n Rp25k each for their dinner; on 10/6 same amount with additional Rp25k; last day we paid Rp25k for their lunch n Rp50k as tip).

Back to shopping story - So, my sis, 17-year old nephew, 2-year old nephew & I started our FOs exploration – this time along the road next to geulis – started with Episodes etc, then my 2-year nephew refused to walk and we had to carry him, so my sister decided to buy him a stroller (Rp750k) at Lavie.

After Lavie, we were too tired to walk and decided to take angkutan to Cascade/Heritage. The guy dropped us off at Jalan Dago/Jalan Riau/Jalan Merdeka junction and told us to walk to Cascade/Heritage. We walked for a while n couldn’t see Cascade/heritage. I asked a lady and she told us to get on another angkutan…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=itzO7THUonc&feature=related


Image from http://bleucat.blogspot.com/2008/07/going-uphill-to-mt-tangkuban-perahu.html

Finally reached Heritage/Cascade and we just rushed in to enjoy the Aircond 

For info Heritage/Cascade has a play area – so if you are tired and your kid wants to play, stop by at Freckles, the kid can use the facility for 30min for Rp3000.


Image from http://cloudswalldecor.com/?p=66

We had our lunch at Cascade and once done with Cascade/Heritage we waked to Summit next door. Once done with Summit my sis decided to take her kid back to hotel, we took a cab back n after dropping off my sis n my 2-year old nephew, we proceeded to Rumah Mode, Mode Plus & Natural. The taxi driver offered to wait n he said Rp50k (I thought Rp50k plus fare from Summit to Geulis) and agreed. But once done. I realized he didn’t stop his meter n we had to pay meter reading & Rp50k which added up to Rp100k!

Our Cascade lunch:

Nasi Timbel, Nasi Goreng Bakar, fries, beef cordon bleu, strawberry juice, aqua, orange juice (3pax + 1 kid) Rp179,000

group 2 lunch at Pak Chi Met Pasar Baru (5pax + 2 kids) Rp134,000.


Anyway, on the way back we asked the driver to stop at Ayam Goreng Suharti & K Circle (similar to our 7-11) to buy water. I also asked him to take me to Restoran Sederhana or Simpang Raya for Nasi Padang, instead he took me to Pondok Kapau! The food looks like it has been displayed for ages n the place quite dirty, so we skipped the place.

Ayam Goreng Suharti + 2 drinks Rp96,500

Mineral water (from Circle K) Rp30,000

suharti.jpg picture by iroel_01

Image from http://desawisata.com/?p=1065

Reached hotel and the others already getting ready to continue shopping. So we joined them since we still have few hours on our rental car. We went to Rumah Mode again. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LXbkRPD0YBs&feature=related

On the way back, we stopped by at Simpang Raya to pack dinner (my parents, my sis in law and the kids didn’t follow us to Rumah Mode). No more food left! So the driver took us to the other branch of Simpang Raya. Not much food left. After we left, they closed the shop!

Nasi dus Rp6000 (RM2) x 6pax

Rendang Rp9000 (RM3) x 3pax

Ayam Rp9500 (RM3.25) x 3pax

Sagoti Rp8000 (RM2.74) x 2pax

Sambal tambahan Rp3000 (RM1.03)

Lalab tambahan Rp3000 (RM1.03)

Teh botol Rp3,000 (RM1.03)

TOTAL: Rp116,500 (RM39.96)

Fruits from fruit shop Rp433,267


Image from blog.adrianpradana.com/.../comment-page-1/


9/6/09 tuesday

Programme? Tangkuban Perahu / Sari Ater / lunch at Kampung Daun / more shopping in Bandung / Jakarta

Told my sisters – it will be cold in Tangkuban Perahu http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AothBiASxLQ ; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BnoPLoTo280&feature=related . But they decided to ignore my advice. It was really cold whenever the wind blows. In the end the kids n my parents just looked around for a short while n decided to wait in the car. Brr..later off to Sari Ater. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dAORKGnCo_U

On the way down decided to stop by at Sindang Reret since I heard so much about the place. Then off to Kampung Daun for lunch. The group love this place. our meals: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQ8O-7XXTyQ&feature=related

Image from http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=564337&page=8

Nasi Timbel Komplit Rp35,000 (RM12) x 2pax

Nasi Goreng Kg Daun Rp35,000 (RM12) x 1pax

Nasi Kukus Kampung Daun Rp35,000 (RM12) x 1pax

Nasi Campur Ala Sunda Rp45,000 (RM15.43) x 1pax

Bebek Goreng Nasi Enak Rp75,000 (RM25.72) x 1pax

Nasi Bakar Sambal Belut Rp38,500 (RM13.20)x 1pax

Kwetiaw Pad Thai Rp35,000 (RM12) x 1pax

Ikan Nila Goreng RM10,000 (RM3.43) 1 portion

Kangkong balacan Rp17,500 (RM6.00)

Ayam goreng Kg Daun Rp35,000 (RM12) 1 portion

Sop iga sapi Rp45,000 (RM15.43) x 1 portion

Aqua Rp5,000 (RM1.71) x 1pax

Avocado juice Rp25,500 (RM8.74) x 1pax

Strawberry juice Rp25,500 (RM8.75) x 2pax

Orange juice Rp25,500 (RM8.75) x 1pax

Kopyor special Rp32,500 (RM11.14) x 3pax

Hot tea manis Rp5,000 (RM1.71) x 1pax

Pisang goreng keju Rp12,500 (RM4.28) x 1pax

Surabi pisang keju Rp8500 (RM2.91) x 1 pax

Es krim goreng Rp22,500 (RM7.71) x 3pax

TOTAL: Rp812,900 (RM278.82)


Images from http://viinkerbell.blogspot.com/2008_12_01_archive.html

http://singka.blogsome.com/2006/04/03/ & http://seralulalu.wordpress.com/tag/food/

Then continue shopping at Cascade/Heritage n stopped by at Kartika Sari for pastries and cookies.

1) Pisang bolen chocolate Rp24,500 x 3 boxes

2) Pisang bolen Rp23,000 x 3 boxes

3) Bika Cirebon Rp27,500

4) Roll tart keju Rp40,000 x 3 rolls

5) Marble brownies kukus Rp25,000 x 3

6) brownies kukus adinda Rp24,000

7) brownies choco chips Rp30,000 x 2 boxes

8) Brownies sp keju Rp34,000

9) Lapis prunes Rp420,000

10) Roti tawar keju Rp12,000

11) kacang bogor Rp25,000 x 5

12) Almond cookies Rp110,000

13) Florentine Rp100,000

14) Naastarr Rp105,000

15) Bakeput Rp50,000

16) Cheese stick Rp70,000

17) Choc almond Rp95,000

TOTAL: Rp1,570,000 (RM538)

Ice cream at Kartika Sari Rp14,00 x 6 cups

left bandung for jkt abt 7pm and reached my sis’s home about 10pm.

10/6/09 wednesday

Programme? One group to Safari /Puncak and the other group Kubah Mas & Blok M. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TDax0yM0GHg&feature=related ; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NiK9twdpU-0&feature=related ; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDEWzA3gA80&feature=related


Images from http://matacahaya.blogsome.com/2007/04/24/piknik-di-masjid-kubah-emas/ http://wongpwt.wordpress.com/2009/04/20/masjid-kubah-emas-dian-al-mahri/

After safari we were hungry and we saw a nice place Dulang something but our driver said 'jelek' n he brought us to Restoran Rindu Alam. Nice view (like Genting) but place is dirty n food? awful...we knew the driver knew the restaurant guys because when we reached there he knew lots of people there n he probably received commission for bringing us there..

Ayam goreng Rp25,000 (RM8.57)x 1

Udang Mentega Rp65,000 (RM22.30) x 1

Capcay Rp19,000 (RM6.51)x 1

Rendang ayam Rp48,000 (RM16.46) 2 portions

Gepuk Rp44,000 (RM15) 2 portions

Nasi Rp39,000 (RM13.38) 6 portions

Kopyor Rp40,000 (RM13.72) 2 glasses

Jeruk es Rp8,000 (RM2.74) x 1

Es pokat Rp11,000 (RM3.77) x 1

Jus pokat Rp11,000 (RM3.77) x 1

jus apel Rp11,000 (RM3.77) x 1

ice cream gold rush Rp20,000 (RM6.86) x 1 pax

ice cream sensasi Rp17,000 (RM5.83) x 1pax

Total: Rp393,800 (RM135.07)

http://lantschones.files.wordpress.com/2008/04/empal1.jpgEs Kopyorcapcay-hore

Images from http://lantschones.wordpress.com/2008/04/11/empal-gepuk/



On the way down we stopped by at Masjid Attawun but everyone was tired to climb up the steep stairs so we skipped the place. Lots of peddlers selling stuff at the parking area. My sis was conned! She bought 30 ears of corns thinking they were cheap, turned out the good ones were displayed above the rotten ears…….

After that, macet (traffic jam) for four hours! The journey was supposed to be 45min-1hour but because of peak hour traffic, combined with rain and demo by Manohara we were stuck for 4 hours!

Later that night we continued shopping at Pacific Place. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MlblpE1HVqo

Yogurt at Sour Sally Pacific Place 7cups= Rp203,000

Stuffs from supermarket (Kem Chicks Pacific Place):

Oranges (4pcs) Rp44,162

Guava juice Rp18,500

Chocolate Rp98,300

Conello ice cream Rp5,500

11/6/09 thursday

our flight at 7pm, so we spent the remaining time at Mangga 2 (my sis insisted that we go to Tanah Abang but I was afraid that we might miss the flight if we were to be caught in 4 hour jam again; Mangga 2 is closer to airport) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4vIW7X0uzoQ

The other group went to Tanah Abang. According to them they were lucky because the place was closed to suppliers for the day (less busy) because president and his entourage were there to campaign (for coming election). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YrWptNyH4LM

Our lunch at Mangga 2 food court:

Nasi goreng Rp13,500 (RM4.63) x 2pax

hot plate noodles Rp22,500 (RM7.71) x 1pax

Aqua Rp3000 (RM1.029) x 3 bottles

Finally Selamat Tinggal Jakarta

KLM Meals:

Rice with chicken curry, salad, corn pudding for adult meals

pasta with chicken, fruit, kitkat, ribena for kiddy's meal

over all quite enjoyable though quite tiring....

Reached KLIA and we saw AH1N1 screening....hmm none of those in Jakarta nor Bandung