Monday, 26 May 2014

I Was Carjacked!!!!

Salam all,

Just to share what happened to me on 19/5/14 (Monday)...

Some of my friends n colleagues n family members heard from mouth to mouth n the story became distorted n when they called me to chat I heard I was mugged, my car was smashed, my handbag was snatched. So I just typed the 'report' so I don't have to repeat the story. 

So whomever asked be it family, friends or colleagues I just said I will fwd the details vide whatsapp...:-)

Sorry repeated the story lots of time to family, friends n colleagues.  Anyway, the gist of it as follows.

I went to uptown after maghrib n otw back stopped by at Ativo Plaza (new rows of shops near my hse) to tapau food.

While looking for parking (abt 9pm) I noticed a white car at the back but I thought it was looking for parking too. So I could not care less. I found a parking space n the white car parked in front of me.

I turned off the engine n opened the door n someone pulled my car door wide open n I saw 3 mask men with parang! All I could do screamed as loud as I can hoping they will panic n run. They hesitated but I guess since no reaction from passers by they ordered me to get out from the car n grabbed my car key from my hand n pulled my legs n I fell n they drove off with my mobile n my handbag. Alhamdulillah house key in my pocket.

After they left then only passers by came to assist. They apologised as they were not able to assist earlier as they were spooked by the parang. Alhamdulillah physically not a scratch (well..minor scratch, I scraped my leg when I fell).

What happened next?

I kept screaming and asked the passers by to call police. quite a number of people came to help. A couple helped me and assisted me to the side of the road. Then someone brought my shoes to me. They called police and some called 999. A few others gave chase so they can record the thief's car number. 

A couple lend me their phones so I can call banks to block my ATM & credit cards. They sat with me until police came. Thank you very much dear kind Malaysians. Kept calling my bf but he was sleeping and 'mute' his phone!!

The police came and I was then taken to Sri Damansara police station. I continued making calls at the police station to block my cards and my phone. I then lodged a report.

Then I was told to go to Mutiara Damansara Police Station for another report...I then asked the kind policemen to send me home first to take my faulty S3 (with duplicate of contacts) so I can call my family and to pack some clothes/toiletries and then proceeded to the police station. After finished with second report, I asked the kind policemen to send me to my sis's house in Ampang. The officer told me that I have to go and see him again in 1 month or 2 months time to follow up on the case as insurance company will need to know police findings before they can close my case and pay me.

Then the running around began..Thankfully my kind eldest sis n niece assisted to ferry me around.

Day 2 - 20/5/14 (Tuesday):
Today, my kind eldest sis drove me around.

We went to HUKM for my sis to send her blood sample. My youngest sis helped to send my S3 for repair.

Then, we went to UTC (one stop centre) at Sentul to replace my IC & driving licence. Very simple, bring your police report to JPN first then get a temporary IC. Then walk next door to JPJ (bring both temporary IC and police report) and you will be issued new licence there and then. very efficient.

Went home to solat and take fresh clothes and back to sis's house to spend the night.

My BF reactivated my phone (new sim card) n came and lend me his spare phones. But still no whatsapp as his phone has limited memory insufficient for whatsapp.

Day 3 - 21/5/14 (Wednesday):
Today, my kind eldest sis drove me around.

Went to UTC Sentul again to collect my newly replaced IC. Then went to RHB bank at Jln Tun Razak to replace new ATM Card (bring IC). Just go to any branch.

Went to Insurance Company at Jln Raja Laut and was given claim form to fill up and was told my document not in place! I need to give them certified police report (meaning, I need to go back to police station, pay RM2.00 for the certified report). Was also told, my reg car registration card (copy) must be updated and insurance policy must also updated. Why so silly? Insurance company should have all these document in place! Otherwise how did they renew my insurance? Sigh...

Anyway, called my insurance agent if he can do all the running around for me and he said "no, the owner needs to that in person. besides he had never done this before"...sigh. Anyway, went to his office at Jln Kuchai Lama and collected the copy of my reg card and insurance policy. His reg card also not the latest as according to them renewal is now by electronic and not reflected on reg card. to make things easier with insurance claim, better go to Finance Company and obtain the original reg card from them.

Went to Finance Company at Bandar Utama, lodged a report on the missing car and collected the original reg card from them. I was told I still need to pay my loan until Insurance company issue me an Offer Letter ie how much Insurance company will reimburse for the losses. Once I obtained the Offer Letter I have to go to the Finance Company again.

After that, we went to Sri Damansara police station to 'certify' my police report. Was told everything moved to Sungai Buloh and they do not have 'machine' to process my report.

Off we go to Sungai Buloh police station and the answer "sorry after 5pm, no one can process the report!!

Went home to solat and back to sis's house to spend the night.

Day 4 - 22/5/14 (Thursday)
Today, my kind niece drove me around.

Went to Sungai Buloh police station - the 'machine' was a lady! She just took my report and stamped it! then initialed it and issued me a receipt!!!

After that, went to the Insurance company again with all the required documents. He insisted on the updated reg card and I told him now all done electronically and showed him my original reg card. and then only he acknowledged receipt of my claim!! He informed me that they will assign an adjuster to interview me and after they are satisfied then only I will receive Offer Letter. Still....long way to go...

After leaving Insurance office, went to my bro's house to pick up my niece (bro's kid) who just just came to KL to pick up my parents and accompanied them back to Kedah. Near my bro's house, there is a Pasar Tani (Pandan) underneath a flyover. Very fresh produce. Bought lots of fish and other seafood as well as chicken, beef and veg. Went to my sis's house and started cooking. quite therapeutic.

My faulty S3 (faulty charging port) finally repaired. Reactivated whatsapp.  1000 over messages!!!

 My BF came and gave me a new phone and lend me a car.

 Day 5 - 23/5/14 (Friday)
Drove myself. Went home to replace access card and pay maintenance fee and back to sis's house, continued with cooking therapy and spend the night at sis's house.

Day 6 - 24/5/14 (Saturday) - spent the day with my little niece and nephew.

Day 7 - 25/5/14 (Sunday) - watched Lee Chong Wei (Thomas cup) with my sis and went home. Still quite jumpy. Kept reciting ayat qursi for Allah to protect me.

Day 8 - 26/5/14 (Monday) - back to work.

The Trauma
After the incident, I reached my sis house about 1.30am...Freshened up and managed to sleep for few hours but had difficulty sleeping as the incident kept playing in my head.

Next day, my sis recited some doa/quranic verses to restore my 'semangat' ie to calm me down. My parents and siblings kept reciting Yaasin praying for Allah to assist.

I believe my recovery was quite fast, by the forth day I was quite ok. I believe doa and prayers and my running around (accompanied by my sis and niece) around KL and to and fro to my house helped to ease me back into normal life.

I hope above note will some how assist you on how to avoid becoming a victim (if possible) and should the unfortunate happened, how do you go about replacing your important document.

All in all, I am thankful to Allah that I was not hurt.