Monday, 7 November 2011

Selamat Hari Raya Idul Adha 2011

Salam and hi guys,

Been really busy with my current project and had no time to update this blog.

This year, my parents came to KL, well my father came to recuperate. He had nasty infection on his ankle and the swelling even spread to his leg. Went to see doctor and he was given antibiotic. The swelling reduced but he has not recovered fully and thankfully yesterday (raya haji) he's well enough to participate.

Few Days Before Raya:
This year we celebrated raya in KL since both parents are here. To make them feel at home I suggested that we (my siblings) 'gotong royong' and cook at my bro's house in U-Thant and celebrate raya at his place since he has big house and big compound (can cook outside and plenty of place to park our cars).

But response was not good and it seems 'pot luck' was the preferred option. So, I volunteered to buy cakes & cookies from Suanson; fruits (watermelon and honey dew); while my bro offered to prepare 'ketupat pulut daun palas'and beef curry; my eldest niece (2nd sis's eldest daughter) offered ketupat nasi and kuah kacang; my sis (4th sibling) offered rendang & lemang;

Raya Eve 5/11/10
Raya eve, everyone busy at their own house, so I bought laksa curry from Group Base so we could have dinner together.

Stayed there until 10pm and left.

Hari Raya 6/11/10
My alarm clock rang and I switched it off thinking it was another Sunday! woke up again at 9pm something and realized it was raya day! Rushed to shower n drove like mad woman to my bro's house.

Everyone turned up and I was the last one to arrive! Blush blush....Then, makan time..all that I mentioned above spread on the table for us to sample..yum yum. Everyone enjoyed cakes I bought from Suanson (carrot walnut, chocolate fudge & lemon wonder)

Ha ha with stomach full everyone chit chatted and slowly each family excused themselves since they need to prepare food for next family meals.

Lunch - my second sis invited everyone to her house. Her children and her prepared dalca, acar, roast chicken, fried chicken, nasi tomato, butter rice, lychee jelly.

Dinner - my sis (4th sibling) invited everyone to her house for dinner. Menu? lontong, kuah lodeh, sambal ikan bilis, laksa siam, rendang ayam.

2nd Daya Raya 7/11/10
My youngest sis invited everyone to her house for aqiqah do. Menu? roast lamb, coleslaw, grilled potato, rice, ayam masak merah, dalca, lamb stew.

quite enjoyable raya. at least we don't need to drive 5hours to get to see my parents and raya with them..

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