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Grilled Fish (Ikan Bakar) in KL

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Just had lunch with my bf at Gerai Sri Menanti (behind istana) at Jln Bellamy today. Our first visit since 9-10yrs ago? We stopped going because the last time we went there we were served rotten grilled fish (not rotten in taste but the fish was really bad n my bf had diarrhoea because of that, we had the fish at the stall next to Sri Menanti). My bf's conclusion, have grilled fish during lunch time as it is still fresh, for dinner order hot newly prepared food like mee bandung, mee goreng etc.

Actually not that keen to blog about this place, after all it is really popular n from the number of bloggers ranting about the place, you would probably can taste the fish without visiting the gerai ha ha. But....feel like writing something here, so why not?

Today we fancied grilled fish for lunch n thought why not give Sri Menanti a second chance he he (or rather second chance to stalls within that area).

We arrived there abt 2pm++, wow lots of people but still plenty of many stalls around there now n all of them selling grilled fish! Last time, only 2 stalls I think about 5 or 6 or more? Didn't really bother to count.

We decided to go to Sri Menanti. Since we were there quite late, most of the nasi campur dishes were polished off by earlier customers so we decided just to have grilled fish with taugeh (bean sprout). My bf asked me to order fish, so I ordered pari (stingray), when he looked at the fish he asked me to take another fish, I wanted kembung(mackerel) but the guy manning the grill told me 'belum masak' (I guess he wants to finish whatever he had grilled rather than grill new fish for you...not very customer friendly). he suggested cencaru (Torpedo Scad), so I said ok. Hated cencaru when I was in boarding school years ago, but today, I thought I'll try it, after all had not had cencaru long time already. I asked him for sotong (squid) n he said only those available (pointed to a plate) - 3 miserable squid janggut (squid's head). So I didn't bother with the squid.

Both fish really good - fresh n the chilly paste use to marinade the fish...yum yum n the sambal to accompany the fish....superb! It was really hot day but we really enjoyed our lunch n we actually ask for another piece of grilled pari n my bf asked for another plate of rice! Ha ha his excuse? I skipped breakfast n I'm hungry..

Total bill? Less than RM30.00.......not bad huh for lunch in KL.

Sorry didn't bring my camera with me but the pic above by another blogger (refer to the link below it) should give you an idea what to expect.......

Ha ha my bf already talking about next visit to the area (before the rotten fish incidents we visited the area very often), he said maybe we can try other stalls next to Sri Menanti just to compare the taste.........

Trivia - Ha ha on different topic, Jln Bellamy has other story too

Ohh..we've frequented other ikan bakar places before - a stall in Jln Kuchai Lama (a bit out of the way for me but whenever my mechanic took his time n finished servicing my car quite late, my bf n I will sample the ikan bakar there - different style of cooking n marinade. I love both styles.

A stall in SS2? Ha ha again hopeless with address n location, but the grilled fish was superb but the lady moved somewhere else (I love her chicken fish) n the person who took over her spot sells ikan bakar too but...not as good as hers..others? Well Umbai in Malacca, Permatang Balak? portuguese settlement Malacca, another place in Malacca (again cannot recall the location but near seaside, found the place by accident), the grilled fish not bad...

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