Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Penang Flavour at 1-Utama

My bf n I love Penang food, every time we go to Penang we'll eat like no tomorrow! He had quite a few court cases in Penang and he always enjoy going there..rojak, asam laksa, char kuey tiaw, fish head noodle etc. And every time he goes there I'll be texting him asking him what had he eaten and how many bowls :-)

Any way, last sunday I had an appointment with Leonard Drake 1-Utama for my facial. After facial it was already 4ish almost 5pm and I hadn't had my lunch. I only took few pieces of toasts for my breakfast. I thought of having steak and cheese sandwich from Subway and while walking there I saw quite a lot of new eateries sprouting near Cold Storage (formerly the spot was occupied by Giant). One eatery caught my attention as a lot of diners were eating there. So, I decided to give Penang Flavour a try. I ordered char kuey tiaw - the waitress (I think she's the owner) asked me with or without chilly. I said with chilly. Then I saw nice picture of popiah displayed above the counter and decided to tapau popiah too. Both popiah and char kuey tiaw cost me RM13.00.

I was really starving when I reached home and despite my state of hunger the char kuey tiaw and popiah tasted really bland! I didn't enjoy them at all. I guess that'll be my first and last visit to this place.

There's another Penang food outlet at the old wing I think it is called Rasa Penang - I prefer this outlet though their food quality had deteriorated quite badly compared to few years back.

Anyway, with the number of eateries in 1-Utama now, finding something to eat will not be a problem.

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