Thursday, 7 May 2009

Sensation Delight Cafe Damansara Perdana

One day my colleague brought steaming hot salted egg chicken wings to the office. He said his friend just opened a cafe in Damansara Perdana and he likes the food serves there especially the chicken wings. I asked him - halal? He said of course. He brought like 9 pieces of the wings and so each of us only got 1 piece...:-( It tasted really nice. I asked him where is the shop but his direction was a bit vague, he couldn't even remember the shop name! He said it is called 'cafe'.

I thought I could find the place on my own, so I went to Damansara Perdana one fine day and drove aimlessly....ha ha. No luck.

Today, I was really hungry but couldn't think of anything interesting to eat....:( So I asked my colleague again about the chicken wings place and asked him to draw me a map. He said "I'll print you a map from google!". I said "just in case what's the restaurant name?"
He said Sensation Delight..

Anyway, I googled to find out more info on the place but couldn't find much info but I did find a map and full adress here

Got to the place and couldn't find the restaurant! But the address was right... No wonder, the restaurant name is displayed inside the shop! From outside you can only see a word 'cafe'...

Anyway, no customer around as I drove straight from work n reached there I guess too early for dinner. Their menu is quite extensive. Too lazy to wait, I just ordered Kam heong fried rice, salted egg chicken wings (the primary reason I was there) and another type of fried rice (forgotten the name)..hmm not that good since I can't recall its name.

Both types of fried rice very oily....i think if the cook reduce the oil perhaps it will be ok..I find kam heong fried rice quite interesting as it has nice smell from curry leaves.

Fried chicken? very nice though a tad oily too...and you MUST eat while it is still hot..once cold it tasted horrible.

Will I go there again? yes for the fried chicken. Other dishes? Well..just typical kopitaim offerings..not horrible and not great either....

If you decide to try this place, the restaurant is right in front of the road sign 'Jalan PJU 8/5A'. Still can't find the place? It's nearby Passion Cafe but when I was there Passion was closed. Other nearby restaurant is Mum's Place ;

I noticed Damansara Perdana has lots of eateries, amongst them:
To try salted egg chicken wings try this recipe or visit Sensation Delight Cafe.


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