Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Food at Selayang Mall

From my previous postings, you'll notice that my office is in Selayang (been working here 1 and a half years already - since 4/2/08). Within walking distance we have very limited selection of eateries (mostly roadside stalls).

Most of the time I try to skip lunch (as part of my dieting attemp ha ha) but sometimes (if I skipped breakfast or dinner previous night) I'll be really hungry and need to eat during lunch time.

What to eat? the stalls or drive out? Most of the time I'll drive out to malay restaurants nearby Selayang stadium, or go to Selayang local council food court...

Recently I discovered a shopping mall nearby my office, only 10 minutes drive....so far I've tried:
  1. Food court - quite yucky actually
  2. Mc Donald - service here quite good. friendly and they serve you free coke when your food take longer time to prepare.
  3. KFC - busy outlet.
  4. Shakey's Pizza - the worst pizza joint I've ever been to! Yesterday I went to the mall to tapau my dinner, wanted to go to Penang Express but couldn't locate the shop, so decided to tapau pizza. I should have listened to my instinc! I was looking at the menu displayed at the entrance, a waiter came n hovered then she said if you want to tapau the menu is inside! I told her off and said I'll go in if I decide to buy food from the shop. Then another girl came and hover! For some unexplanable reason I walked in and ordered pizza and fried chicken. They took their time to take my order as they have to wait for different guy to man the cashier counter. After my order the food took long time to prepare (longer than pizza hut / domino time limit of 15-20min); When I asked the guy at the counter apologized and said they just realized they ran out of coleslaw and they are frying potato chips to replace the coleslaw and of course they never bothered to inform me about it! Then, came the pizza..the worst pizza I've eaver eaten...dry and tasteless! I've been to Shakey's at my old office in USJ9, taste not bad and service is good, when you go in they greeted you and while you wait they provide you with free coke. Here...well I will never ever go to this place again. Now, mystery solved. I mean Shakey's was amongst the pioneers in serving pizza in KL yet their presence compared to Pizza Hut and Domino's almost invisible...now you have your answer. http://julietchun.blogspot.com/2008/05/sale-jom-shopping.html ; http://ejartsweetcatchy.blogspot.com/2008/09/jalan2selayang.html
  5. Ketupat & Rendang - in front of Shakey's 2 malay girls sell ketupat and rendang. As I was hungry everything look good :-) so i bought 1 bundle of rice ketupat (5 pieces per bundle) RM4.50; 5 pieces of ketupat pulut RM4.50 and 200 gram Rendang Tok RM10.00. Rendang Tok is delicious, I don't mind buying it again but the ketupat pulut taste very bland...I guess I can only eat good ketupat pulut from my mom.
  6. Pappa Kopitiam - nothing special but palatable enough to fill one's hungry stomach. http://jancanfly.blogspot.com/2009/05/pappa-kopitiam-selayang-mall-kl.html ; http://mimid3vils.blogspot.com/2008/04/papa-kopitiam.html ; http://www.pappakopitiam.com.my/default.asp?contentID=533 ; http://www.3-meals.com/?p=318
  7. Borneo Station - expensive and I don't like the food. http://www.borneostation.com/Default.asp ; http://sirei5198.blogspot.com/2009/04/borneo-station.html ; http://beckleesblog.com/?p=586
  8. Garden's Cafe - food taste awful
  9. Johnny's - same taste as other branches. place quite empty http://www.johnnyrestaurant.com/menu.htm ; http://www.sawanila.com/kedai/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=515:wefwefweferwfwe&catid=50:makan-time&Itemid=153 ; http://foodmoochers.blogspot.com/2007/04/johnnys-steamboat.html
  10. Secret Recipe - don't have the craving for this place yet as I've frequented their Sri Damansara outlet very often. http://www.secretrecipe.com.my/
  11. Penang Express - just tried today, they have promotion where you can order one drink (from 3pm to 6pm) and you get to buy char kuew tiaw for RM1. Offer from 3/6/09 to 30/6/09. Anyway, I went there during lunch time and my lime kasturi drink (lime and asam boi drink) and a plate of char kuey tiaw cost me RM12.40! very expensive. Still cheaper than Borneo Station, a plate of their fish noodle almost RM10!
  12. Cone Pizza - yet to try http://www.foodstreet.com.my/food-street/opage.s?outlet=Italian+Cone+Pizza ; http://www.conepizza.com.my/ ; http://www.kornykornelius.com/?tag=cone-pizza
  13. Haji Samuri - yet to try, I'm sure taste wise must be the same as other outlets. http://www.onestopmalaysia.com/food-reviews/selangor/kajang-satay-(haji-samuri).html ; http://kyspeaks.com/2007/06/20/ky-eats-sate-kajang-haji-samuri-at-damansara-uptown/ ; http://food.malaysiamostwanted.com/venues/restoran-sate-kajang-hj-samuri-satay-bgn-dato-nazir ; http://www.thekualalumpurtraveler.com/satay-kajang-hj-samuri-the-best-satay-in-malaysia/

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Becklee said...

I suppose you're looking for just halal and pork free food, otherwise I can recommend you to many other makan stalls in Selayang area which serve delicious food.