Thursday, 9 October 2008

Salam, Selamat Datang n Selamat Hari Raya 2008 :-) Part 3

30th Ramadhan

Last day of Ramadhan for 2008..
On 29th of Ramadhan we discussed with each other on what should we cook for Hari Raya and I volunteered to do the shopping.

After sahur, I was really tired (worked hard the day before) n slept soundly n woke up quite late n my father already went to the market. He bought some items from the list we prepared n I've to buy whatever left behind. So, my nephew was entrusted to check the list against items purchased n tick accordingly.

We got the list of things to buy so off we went to Sg Petani (my sis, my niece n nephew n I); my sis also wanted to buy some clothes for herself n my parents. Took longer time to shop than usual because my 18mths nephew loved to play n one us had to watch over him all the time.

We bought 2 trolley full of stuff! Cost us almost RM600! I think my father spent abt RM300 in the morning, so our hari raya preparation cost us almost 1k. Well.....maybe next time we should start hari raya fund collection for hari raya expenses...

Reached home n my bro n wife n their kids just left for Jitra to celebrate raya with his wife's family.

My 2 sisters n nieces were busy with last minute preparation for tomorrow as well as preparing food for breaking fast later; ketupat pulut... check, rendang... check, beef curry... check, beef soup... check.

"Err..did you buy stuff for lontong?". "Huh? not in the list..Addin already ticked it, ayah bought already". "Why did you buy prawns n these stuff?". "Well..I followed the list". "Lah...the list already mixed up, ticked items were the items you were supposed to buy". Aiyoh..........use symbols like other people lah..tick means done...duh!!

Our break fast menu quite simple as time had to be divided for cooking stuff for tomorrow too.

Menu for break fast:
Starter - dried dates
Chicken rice - my sis cooked this dish (much nicer than the one served at Tapah rest area)
Beef soup - for some weird reason we had this almost everyday since the last 3 days!
Air asam (compulsory side dish when you have beef soup)
KFC Fried chicken - bought in Sg Petani (unusual dish for buka puasa. Well I was hungry...ha ha)
Dessert - grapes.

Number of diners: 11pax including a 7yr old girl n an 18mths boy. We were expecting my bro's family to join us later (2 parents, 7 kids).

Notice the newspaper lining? ha ha easy to clean mah....once done with dinner, just roll n throw the newspaper into rubbish bin.

Lots of leftover because we were expecting my bro n family to break fast with us..(all of us from KL (except my bro) n we reached kampung on 28/9), being the nearest to my parents home, he always reached home the latest amongst all of us, usually he'll arrives between 11pm to 12 mid nite n this different, though he promised he'll break fast with us....sigh...

Thankfully his kids love KFC fried chicken n finished them, chicken rice can be eaten tomorrow - breakfast.

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