Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Salam, Selamat Datang & Selamat Hari Raya 2008 :-) Part 2

29th of ramadhan

Started with sahur at 4.30am! Yawn…..woke up n just stared at the food…but after a while I wasn’t that sleepy anymore and started to eat – long and tiring day ahead.

Every year the same thing, we’ve to clean the house. Major cleaning! It is a big house and only my parents live there and they are in their 70s. We’ve offered to provide them with maid to assist with cleaning and cooking BUT my mom will not hear about is. She hates to lose her privacy.

So..plenty of things to do today – cleaning everything from the celing, windows, inside of cabinets, floors and everything in between. Too bad we were short of labours as my nieces and nephews were still on their way.

While the cleaning crews were busy, a contractor came; my mom had commissioned him to install a built-in wardrobe for the back room.

We were busy till evening n then the cooking crew started with their tasks of preparing food for breaking fast and they have to tailor the food to suit my bro in law's diet as he is suffering from gerd (refer to this site if you wish to know more about gerd http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gastroesophageal_reflux_disease)

At 7.14pm my Ampang sister and her family were still on their way, so we didn't wait for them n ate first. They arrived abt 8.30pm.

The menu:
Starter - fresh dates n kuih (pulut udang, pulut seri kaya, lompang)
Tomyum tulang (bones tomyum) - weird huh? but very nice, cooked by my sis-in-law (I bought the paste in Bangkok)
Beef soup
Air asam (a type of condiment/sauce to be taken with beef from the soup)
Beef cooked with soy sauce (daging masak kicap)
Fish curry
Pindang ikan tamban (spicy fish soup)
fried fish (tamban)
Dessert - watermelon

Number of diners today: 10 adults; 4 teens; 2 children; 1 toddler.

I love the simple home cooked food. In KL I ate out most of the time (95%?)

My family is huge....so we ate on the floor. The food was served buffet style for the kids n the adults sat around the served (hidang) food. The kids will choose their favourite spots (either in front of tv or group together with their favourite cousins).

Hmm enough about food. What happen after food? Sleep!

Sleeping arrangement is always a challenge (maybe next time I should snap pictures on how n where we sleep).

The house has 4 + 1 rooms (+1 room use as my father's office cum praying room), it is a big house but if everyone congregates together at the same time, the rooms are just too small to accomodate all of us.

So, whoever arrived at kampung first, can choose any room they like but most of the times we only use the rooms as changing rooms. A lot of activities (including sleeping, watching tv, board games etc) will be in the 2 huge halls.

If everyone congregates at the house at the same time we'll have 35pax!:

Adults 20 n above 19pax

Teenagers 9pax

Children 4pax

Toddler 3pax (3yrs n below)

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