Thursday, 23 October 2008

Halal Indo Chinese Restaurants (Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Burmese) in KL

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Guess what I think I've covered almost all popular Asian food in KL/S'ngor except Indian n Indonesian which will be covered later. Tried looking for Mongolian n filipino restaurants but they are not pork free. For my non-muslim friends if u want to try Mongolian food get details from n for filipino food read at

Halal / Pork free Indo Chinese Restaurants (Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Burmese):

**Some of the restaurants below are pork-free i.e. not certified halal by JAKIM because they serve alcohol at their premises or they did not apply for halal certification from JAKIM. Check before ordering food to satisfy yourself that meat served was procured from halal certified supplier.

1. CoChine Lounge & Restaurant Jln Doraisamy KL

2. Paradise Palace Sogo

3. Exotic Restaurant Desa Sri Hartamas

4. Tamarind Spring Ampang

5. Yangon Delight Ampang Point

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