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Halal Indonesian restaurants in KL

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Looong time ago when I was studying in secondary school (boarding school) in Kulim Kedah, my friends and I always frequented a nasi padang stall (shared with a chinese coffee shop) in town during our weekend outing (every forthnightly we were allowed to leave the school). To us (n probably 3/4 of the school) it was the best food ever! I heard from my seniors who now reside in Kulim that the stall is still there but 'nothing great la', I guess we've all grown up n tasted better things .........

I've been to Indonesia few times - Jakarta, Yogya, Solo, Bali but don't really like their food. Tried bakso, nasi uduk, soto - once is enough really... don't like it. Other food - sweetish...

But I like nasi padang, again looong time ago when I first started working in Taipan USJ, there was this great nasi padang restaurant, food was great but really expensive; double the price of our usual nasi campur lunch (economy rice). They had a log book showing famous visitors - celebrities, politicians..sadly they couldn't survive (I guess it was just way too expensive for quick lunch for most people) n they closed shop after few months.

After that I was happy when Sari Ratu opened its first branch in Jln Sultan Ismail. A place to satisfy my craving for good nasi padang.

Weird...I still prefer Sari Ratu KL compared to nasi padang I sampled in Magelang when we visited Borobudur (supposedly good n it was not one of those outlets from chain restaurants; our donkey cart driver took us friend kept on telling him 'take us to the best nasi padang in town'..ha ha we were expecting a big restaurant little shop...really little. We were disappointed was clean n why not try food recommended by the local?)

In KL, you may want to try these restaurants as recommended by floggers (foodie bloggers):

1. Indonesian stalls – Kg Baru

2. Restaurant T.A.R Chow Kit

3. Bangsawan Pavilion

4. Pondok Gurame Restaurant Jln P.Ramli

5. House of Sundanese KLCC

6. Cato’s Rijsffafel G/F Wisma Chinese Chambers– This is a unique Batavian restaurant, with a blend of Indonesian and Dutch cuisine from colonial days gone by. The romantic environment of the restaurant is ideal for couples to dine on fusion dishes with candle lighting.

7. Restoran Puti Bungsu Batam Jln Yap Kwan Seng

8. Sari Ratu Desa Pandan

9. Sari Bunda Desa Pandan

10. Ayam Bakar Wong Solo Ampang

11. Waroeng Penyet The Curve

12. Minang Salero Sentul

13. Salero Negori Amcorp Mall

14. Batavia Indonesian Restaurant Sunway

15. Ayam Penyet Ria Sunway


Croesus said...

Found this blog recommending good indon food but it is in indon..but can understand a little bit, here's excerpt from the site:

Nasi Sumatera: Mutiara Damansara. Nasi campur kalo abis cape dari Ikea. Dulu sempet nemu menu leunca yg diulukutek tp bukan pake oncom, pakenya tempe yg diancurin + santan.

Ayam Bakar Puti Bungsu: Dkt KLCC. Ayam bakarnya ok lah.

SATE PADANG MAWAR: Jl. Raja Alang, Kg Baru. Sate padang paling enak di KL mnrt lidah Dian & Bonie.

Lontong sayur: Kg Minang, Gombak. Utk sarapan abis drop anak sekolah. Ada nangka, buncis, pakis.

Warung Jawa: Sate kambingnya maknyusss, gulenya leckerrrr, basonya nyam nyam.

Lontong Jawa: Lorong 20 Datuk Keramat

Sate ayam kacung: Lorong 13 Datuk Keramat.

Sate jl. Semarak: Dkt Celcom. Gede2 satenya. Sate malay yg msh bs diterima lah rasanya.

Nasi Uduk datuk kramaT

Wong solo: Kg Pandan/Kg Baru. Kalo kepepeeettt banget.

Sederhana: tutup? Huuaaaa…you’re the best! Pls come back soon.

Sari ratu: Kg Pandan. Padang kok ada mendoan? Biar deh…nyam.

Ayam penyet ria: Sunway. Pedes ya bow…

Batavia: Sunway. Kalo kangen bubur ayam, somay, pempek..

Sate R & K: LRT Setiawangsa, Jl. Jelatek. Maniiisss & lengket.

Sate madura TV3: Jl. Mesjid, Bandar Utama. Hidden treasure, bukanya cuma malem, mgg tutup pula.

Waroeng penyet: The Curve

MAJU Garuda: Jl. Raja Alang, Kg Baru.

Resto TAR: Bwh monorail Chow Kit. Mie ayam pangsit

Croesus said...

or visit this forum

Croesus said...

masak masak reviewed warung garuda here

Croesus said...

more places to try:
1. Natrabu Kg Baru

2. Warung Nasi Kapau, Jalan Raja Alang

3. Bahagia Istimewa Nasi Padang Jln TAR

4. Capital Cafe Jln TAR

5. Puti Bungsu Batam Jln Yap Kwan Seng

6. Restoran din Larin No 1, Jalan Bangsar Utama 3, Bangsar Utama

7. Restoran Garuda Damansara

8. Citra Minang or Tok Li Restoran Nasi Padang & Such or Selero Bundo all in Gombak

Anonymous said...

Restoran Maju Garuda

1. Rice cost RM3/- that about 2kg of uncooked rice ????????
2. Teh Sosro - Small tiny bottle for RM 3.00/btl... too steep

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