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Halal japanese restaurants in KL

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Another fav food of mine - japanese.....yummy.

**Some of the restaurants below are pork-free i.e. not certified halal by JAKIM because they serve alcohol at their premises or they did not apply for halal certification from JAKIM. Check before ordering food to satisfy yourself that meat served was procured from halal certified supplier.

Interesting introduction to Japanese food - visit
1. Genki Sushi
2. Sakae Sushi (pork free)
3. Sushi King
4. Sushi Groove
5. Jogoya Starhill
6. Hajime Japanese Restaurant (pork free) @ Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur
241-1 Jalan Ampang, KL
8. Restaurant: Shin-NiChi Japanese Buffet RestaurantAddress: Lot G-01A Ground FloorKompleks AntarabangsaJalan Sultan IsmailKuala Lumpur
9. Zipangu Shangri la
10. Kampachi (pork free) Equatorial Hotel Jln Sultan Ismail
11. Sagano renaissance hotel
12. Asahi Japanese Restaurant (pork free) Berjaya Times Square
13. KL Rakuzen Japanese Restaurant (pork free)
(Lot B2A) Chulan Square / Hartamas Shopping Centre
Prince Hotel & Residence Jalan Conlay Kuala Lumpur
15. Restaurant Saisaki - Japanese Buffet (pork free)Unit No 1-9, 1st Floor,Wisma UOA II,No. 21, Jalan Pinang,50450 Kuala Lumpur.
16. Gen, Legend Hotel
17. Yuritei Japanese Restaurant, Sentul West
18. Zakuro Japanese Restaurant (pork free)
Plaza Mon't Kiara, KL
19. Shogun Japanese Buffet RestaurantLot.S 335A, 2nd Floor Oval,1-Utama Shopping Centre,
20. Pasta Zanmai 1Utama,
22. Hakano Japanese Restaurant (pork free)
Jalan SS21/35 Damansara Utama, Damansara
23. Teppan Aji D’sara Utama
24. Yuzu Japanese Restaurant The Gardens mid Valley
25. Sushi Zanmai The Gardens
26. Genji PJ Hilton
27. SUMO Japanese Restaurant (pork free) 48 Jalan USJ 9/5P, Subang Business Centre
28. Zen Japanese Restaurant Sunway Pyramid
29. Sushi Tomo (pork free)
8, Jln SS2/67 PJ
30. Crystal Crown Hotel PJ
31. Pearl International Hotel Old Klang Road
32. Restaurant Xenri @ Wisma Elken, Batu 5, Jalan Klang Lama, Kuala Lumpur
33. More recommendations at


Croesus said...

Re-look at my list n noticed that I left out 2 restaurants - I've tried food at these 2 restaurants and.... yummy:

Ogawa - love their nyumen n udon n almost everything else. I used to work in Taipan USJ10, so I frequented the place often for lunch...I'm surprise that I couldn't find any blog reviewing this superb restaurant.

Komura (Corus Hotel) - good but I've had better food at Zipangu, Kampachi...ha ha of course la different category. definitely will try Jogoya though my bf said way too expensive...his comment "RM120! How much can one eat?" btw he had tried the food there courtesy of his client....his comment? good but expensive.

4B Jalan USJ 10/1J
UEP Subang Jaya
Tel: 03-8023 7476

Croesus said...

Just came back from dinner at Sushi Zanmai @ The Gardens. Planned with my x-colleagues to try Cova but last minute change n we ended up at Sushi Zanmai.

Lots of ppl n the food not bad at all. We had sushi as starters; VK had garlic fried rice; TH, HA n I had noodles n NMM had rice. Ohh I also ordered saba teriyaki. Everyone seem to enjoy their food.

Great dinner except for rude n loud diners next to our table...sigh.

hunny-bun said...

Hi there, good to know there are some halal jap rest around here.. but altho pork-free, are the meat and sauces used halal too? no alcohol and the meat are from JAKIM-certified slaughterhouse/vendors?
Thanks. :)

Croesus said...

yes. look for signs at the restaurants - halal or pork-free. for halal restaurants everything is halal because before JAKIM issue halal cert to the restaurant, they'll conduct thorough inspection. However for pork-free restaurant, meat served may not be halal - to be sure check. E.g. Zipangu is a pork-free restaurant but their meat is from halal source. They are not able to display halal logo because the restaurant serves alcohol.

Anonymous said...

went to saisaki jap buffet last weekend and love the food very much especially coz they did serve fresh oyster nowadays. but i still wondering if the food halal coz i saw there 1 whole roasted duck with the head on it. i wonder if the duck was "sembelih" accordingly or not.

Croesus said...

Saisaki is pork-free. If I dined at pork-free restaurant I will not eat meat. Unless the menu mention meat use is halal (Zipangu's menu states halal status of meat use) or if the staff confirm meat use is halal. So, don't be shy to ask...

Anonymous said...

can i ask u? sakae sushi halal right?

Croesus said...

sakae sushi - pork free

Anonymous said...

sakae sushi is not halal. as the name suggest, sakae is actually a type of can you just labeled it halal without careful examination? muslims please be sensitive on this halal food issue, as searching for halal foods is a wajib/must.

Croesus said...

I did not label Sakae Sushi halal, refer to my previous comment.It is pork-free! and there is a different between sake and sakae; sake is alcoholic beverage while Sakae refer to several places in Japan By the way 'careful examination' should applies to other aspect of things too such as think before one passes any judgmental comments! and drop the holier than thou attitude..

My blog has two categories - halal n pork free, I've even included definition...and I've also repeatedly mentioned in my postings that it is responsible of each muslim to satisfy himself/herself that food consume is halal regardless what bloggers or restaurants said so. If in doubt, don't eat..

syarihan said...

Hi, I want to ask u some questions. I hope u don't mind to answer it..I really love japanese food.

1)Do u know any stall in jusco or any restaurant that sells taiyaki? It's shape like a fish one..?

2)Any halal restaurant that u know serve nabe, shabu2, kare rice, oden? I hope u can recommend the best for me..

3)I heard one restaurant that serve halal ramen (malay people open it) u know where the restaurant located?

Thank u for ur information above about that..I hope u can help me answer these question..

~dcharminglady~{@ said...

Is Zanmai Sushi has halal certificate? I would really love to try...

As for the Sakae Sushi..I have personally asked the waiter (do not know whether he is reliable or not)..But all the sushi has Mirin in it.. Mirin is a light japanese wine made of rice...quite similar to sake..

As for Sushi King..they are 6 types of sushis are with Mirin...

Croesus said...


Sakae Sushi & Zanmai Sushi are 'pork free' outlets.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the list of restaurants, but i think that u shouldn't categorized it as halal jap/kor restaurant, it's a bit confusing. At first, i was excited to see so many halal jap restaurant, but then i realized, they are not actually a halal restaurant, huhuhuu

Croesus said...

I'm sharing information here based on my research, I expect as a muslim one should satisfy oneself on halalness of any food or drink before consuming them and should not rely on somebody's else recommendation unless that somebody is JAKIM. Quite easy to determine, go to the restaurant or give them a call and ask them whether the restaurant is pork free or halal. I think it should be appreciated that someone willing to share his/her list with the others. So, you should not take the easy out way out to rely on someone to give you a whole list. You should do some work also.

Anonymous said...

+1 to Croesus

blame it on ignorant muslim who rely on others without checking quotaking others for excuses

unless its from JAKIM, it's suspicious syubhah so muslim should research before eating at such place

Anonymous said...

Most if not all of these restaurants use mirin in their sushi unless they explicitly said otherwise. Teriyaki sauce also contains alcohol unless stated otherwise. I do eat at some japanese restaurants but i avoid all these. I mainly eat their sashimi.

Anonymous said...

Only certain menu in Zanmai contains Mirin, feel free to ask them before ordering

Anonymous said...

some of the japanese food contains mirin, sake. muslims should aware this

myridred said...

So there's no halal Japanese food, otherwise i make it by my self....better cook by your self