Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Halal Korean restaurants in KL

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I think, if you've been following my blog you would have known I'm a malaysian muslim n I like 'exotic' food - well non-malay, non-western food la ha ha. Anyway, my non-muslim friends love korean food but quite difficult to find halal restaurant to cater for me, so sometimes I've to give our outing a miss...sob sob.

Anyway, I've tried places like Koryo won n Seoul Bulgogi n few others - my conclusion - for halal korean food spend a little bit more n go to expensive place. Cheap place - food quality....errr waste of money.

According to my friends for non-halal place, of course selection is wider n even cheap restaurants serve decent food...well...

Anyway, I don't really fancy korean food, once in a while ok, just to experience new stuff but japanese food? I can have it everyday...but of course can't afford to do that all the time la ha ha.

**Some of the restaurants below are pork-free i.e. not certified halal by JAKIM because they serve alcohol at their premises or they did not apply for halal certification from JAKIM. Check before ordering food to satisfy yourself that meat served was procured from halal certified supplier.

Introduction to Korean food...well sort of http://www.thefoodsection.com/foodsection/2005/04/korean_barbecue.html
1. Kung Jung – Pavillion
2. Koryo Won – Starhill
3. Seoul Garden 1 Utama
4. BBQ Chicken, The Waterfront Desa Park City - http://jacksonkah.blogspot.com/2008/06/bbq-chicken-waterfront-desapark-city.html
5. Mu Gong He Jalan 23/70A Sri Hartamas (above 7-11)
6. Bonjuk Jalan 25/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas
7. Bon Ga Korean Restaurant @ Jalan Telawi 4, Bangsar Baru
8. Korea Hyung Joo Restaurant Mid Valley
9. Che Go Korean BBQ Sunway Pyramid
10. Haeun Khon Amcorp Mall
11. Seoul Bulgogi Federal Highway
12. Nol Boo (pork free)
Sunway Pyramid http://limmeiyen.blogspot.com/2007/12/nol-boo-korean-restaurant-sunway.html
13. Arisu Riana Green PJ –


Croesus said...

more comments on seoul garden 1 Utama:




YilingL said...

i love japanese food too! but good ones are not cheap :( my fav affordable japanese joint is still sushi zanmai.

Croesus said...

hi yilingl, thanks for dropping by :-) yeap loooves japanese..check out my restaurant list in my japanese entry. Yeah in 'affordable' category sushi zanmai is good, sakae n ogawa not too bad either WAAAY better than Genki Sushi or Sushi King...

Croesus said...

Ohh wanted to write a note on BBQ chicken but 4got abt it. Tried the chicken at 1U, love their charbroiled but HATE their hot hot drum - just plain hot n the 'hotness' doesn't 'go' with the rest of the spices...another blogger's comment here http://blog.kiawin.com/2008/08/food-review-bbq-chicken-jaya-one.html

FS*RawkS* said...

Salam. im wondering if u know whether these restaurants are halal:

Haeun Khon (amcorp mall),Bonjuk and Mu Gong He (desa sri hartamas)?

hv u personally eat there?

Croesus said...

Nope. Have not eaten there..my reference was as per research from other blogs.

As per my note in my posting, pls verify before dining at places recommended by bloggers.

****Some of the restaurants below are pork-free i.e. not certified halal by JAKIM because they serve alcohol at their premises or they did not apply for halal certification from JAKIM. Check before ordering food to satisfy yourself that meat served was procured from halal certified supplier.

Anonymous said...


Can you clarify when they say pork-free, does that mean any other meats or poultry served at the korean restaurants in KL (the ones that you've been to) are also halal (slaughtered according to Muslim's rites)?

I would love to try Korean halal restaurants but am still sceptical as to whether pork-free means everything else (aside from the alcohol) is halal.


Croesus said...

So far I only patronize korean restaurants with halal logo displayed on the menu. But I've been to pork free restaurants before (japanese, chinese etc) - some clearly specified in their menu that their meat is obtained from halal source (e.g. zipangu at shangrila), at other places if I'm not sure I'll ask the waiter. And some time if I'm just not bothered about asking or waiters a bit 'blur' I'll order non-meat dish

smartypants said...

Ate at Haeun Khon in amcorp mall. The waiter says the food is halal, but they serve alcohol. But then again, i'm not sure if he understands what halal means. anyways, ate there. the food is ok la and i think they serve the food portion according to the customer's body size. hahah...

Anonymous said...

there is one korean halal restaurant

sweet tree in ampang
at taman putra if i'm not mistaken
near to ampang point
last fasting month, they do provide buffet
haven't try yet but my friends have been there

plus: the restaurant aired in jalan2 cari makan tv3 :)