Friday, 7 November 2008

Halal restaurants in Haikou

Haikou is the capital of Hainan Province, China’s second largest island. Hmm I guess it is not much different from islands here in Malaysia. Of course most Malaysians n Singaporeans visited the island to visit their ancestral homes/villages while other tourists will flock to Sanya. Sounds familiar? Well if you watched Miss World Pageant you’ll noticed it was hosted by Sanya.

But I guess if you’ve visited all the islands / beaches in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam etc, Sanya would be a nice change of scenery. After all it is only 3hr 20min from KL by Air Asia.

We are all familiar with Hainanese chicken rice, chicken chop etc, maybe for foodies amongst us we want to try the original version of hainanese cuisine....:-) btw chicken chop not from Hainan la, it was an invention by hainanese migrants (fused with western influence) during colonial days here in Malaysia.

Halal restaurants


2. Ma’s Muslim Restaurant

3. Vegetarian – Nanshan temple


Sunset over Sany Bay

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drbubbles said...


I was in Bangkok last two week for a meeting held at Hotel Alexander, Bangkok located a bit away from City Centre along Ramkhamheng Road (a few km further up after Ramkhamheng University) in Bangkapi District.

A good place to stay if you are looking for halal eateries nearby and even mosque within a kilometre radius from the hotel.

Ridwanool Islam Mosque is just behind the hotel.All you have to do is to take 2-baht ferry ride across the khlong and there you will find the mosque next to a buddhist wat.

if you walk to the front,along Ramkhamheng Road and turn right - you will find nice halal stalls after few minutes of walk.You can find nice glutinous rice 'lepat',popiah and even sticky rice with halal,spicy dried meat.

If you turn left, next to the hotel,is Sinthone Steak House.Quite famous among Bangkok muslim community for its halal buffet grill + steamboat.All for just 12 baht!Makan lah ikut suka!

You can even buy halal dried meat to take home for 75 baht.

I have explored further up the road walking past Sinthone at night and it was remarkable to see lots of halal stall along the road, especially near the intersection.

I think staying at Alexander Hotel is quite ok for me personally.One thing, it's not so busy compared to staying in the Bangkok city centre.

The only thing that might bother you is that it's a bit out of place from city centre - no skytrain or subway around. But,hey - you can take bus ride for just 19 baht to go to MBK (Mah Boon Kroong Centre).


Croesus said...

salam drbubles,
thanks for sharing your 'halal hunt' experience with me n my visitors...:-)

The last time I was in Bkk I stayed quite far from city centre - Chaophya Park Hotel,Rachadapisek Road - not really a big problem because Metro station is only about 10-15min walk n the train network is really well connected.