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Halal restaurants in Chengdu / Songpan / Jiuzhaigou / Huanglong Part 1

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China – one of the countries in the world which all travelers MUST visit. WHY? Visit here to get a glimpse of China (well of course lots more to see, but this site will temp you to do China) http://www.janekeeler.com/chinachris/misc.html

Traveller’s tip “In order to enjoy your tour around China, it is advisable to engage in the services of a reliable tour operator based in China. Their agents have local guides who are willing to show tourists and visitors the sightseeing and attractions of the beautiful cities. Since 24 popular scenic spots were listed in the World Heritage List by UNESCO, China has become a world renowned tourism destination. These places are well preserved relics which date back to some hundreds years with a historical and cultural theme. The attractions make for an interesting place to visit on your China tour.” http://travel.resourcesforattorneys.com/index.php?m=02&y=07&entry=entry070222-125607

For me, my fascination with China started long time ago when I visited Epcot Centre in Orlando Florida… Epcot showed me that you can see the world in one country - China – its climate is extremely diverse from tropical in the south to subarctic in the north. One can experience rainforest, steppe, desert, tundra, snow, glacier etc in one country!

I’ve covered a few cities before and this posting is about Sichuan: Chengdu / Songpan / Jiu Zhai Gou / Huanglong.

Basically this posting is about Jiuzhaigou (JZG) but there’s no direct flight to JZG from KL n there is no direct flight from KL-Chengdu.

However you can fly from Singapore to Chengdu (RM2200/flight rtn). By doing that instead of just doing JZG, nearby attractions like Chengdu, Songpan n Hualong can be covered too.

**Traveller’s story “And then comes my number 1 China story - the mother reached for the air-sickness bag, and I thought - Oh CHRIST! he is going to spew, which could make me spew. But he didn't seem ill, so then I thought, - She is just going to spit in it, which, while disgusting, is very common in China, and perhaps bearable.
No, on both counts. As she opened the bag, the boy stood up on the chair right next to me, and began pissing in the bag. Seriously. He pissed in the paper bag, she folded it up (and I freaked out about what she might be going to do with it), then she wiped him down with some tissues and handed the whole sorry mess to the poor air hostess!!!”

**Travellers tip on Sichuan food “…but when we ask for a dish with "no pork" it is generally interpreted as "not much pork". Bits of it are still present among the vegetables.” Safe to say when you are in China, stick to muslim restaurants or vegetarian restaurants – if none can be found, make sure you have your supply of instant noodles, bread, sardine etc.


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Ma–Po Tofu (Spicy Bean Curd with Beef)
Image from http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/photo/Ma-Po-Tofu-Spicy-Bean-Curd-with-Beef-243066

Traveler’s tip “The County of Songpan is a compulsory stop on the way to Jiuzhaigou, and for travelers who don't have the opportunity to visit Tibet, the beautiful grassland near Songpan and the Tibetan people dwelling here make this "mini Tibet" worth visiting.” http://english.wentrip.com/hotel/hotel_show.asp?id=10983

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I just saw that you linked to our travelogue. Thanks a lot. Good luck with the site. We had a blast in China. Hope to go back someday.

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