Sunday, 30 November 2008

Restoran Krua Thai, Kepong

I read in the Star today about Krua Thai - looks good (and very near my place), besides few bloggers gave good review about this place too. So, suggested to my bf that we should have our dinner at Krua.

The Star gave good direction on how to get to the place. When we got there, not many diners around, I guess it was almost 10pm - their closing time. But they were very accommodating, few diners came in after 10pm n they could still placed their orders.

First to arrive (our order), hot little bowls of rice (sorry pic not that nice, took it with my Nokia phone),
followed with their signature dish - deep fried fish with Nam Khun sauce and vegetables RM35. deep fried big Siakap fish (too big for 2 person) served on an oval plate, the waiter then poured the sauce onto the fish n lighted up a burner to heat up the soup ( the flame almost burnt my eyebrow) . Both of us didn't like this dish - sourish n sweetish at the same time.

Next came a plate of kangkung belacan - watery n overcooked n very bland! We didn't like their sambal either...again.. sweetish.
We also ordered Kai Jioew Chak Om (omelette) with leaves that tasted like petai - nope not to our liking...I guess we both prefer local way of preparing omelette.
Last to arrived - prawns. Can't recall the name. Huge serving - RM35, taste? ok..not excellent. We couldn't finish this dish and had to tapau back.
Total cost - RM97.00. Revisit? Nope...don't think so.

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