Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Suzy's Corner Ampang

Hi and salam all. Been very busy with tender exercise for the past weeks and blogging was sidelined.....oops sorry. My sis complained why didn't I feature any new place to eat...hmmm

Well last night went with my bf to Suzy's Corner in Ampang. Not a bad place at all. The concept is something like chinese coffee shops with lots of individual stalls selling various types of food - western food (steak, pasta etc), chicken porridge, satay, chi kut teh etc.

We've been there before few times...last night I had fried meehoon and my bf ordered chicken satay. I prefer my meehoon to be hotter (I achieved that by asking for chopped cili padi) but my bf said the meehoon was alright...the satay was nice too though I found the sauce to be a bit too sweet.

Lots of diners there and quite a number of tables were filled up with expats(?) well... non-malaysian residing around Ampang. Other bloggers mentioned that Suzy offers shisha too but I've never noticed anyone smoking the stuff whenever I was there...

My previous visits I tried pasta and chicken chop...not bad at all, I guess that's why Suzy managed to attract expat crowds. Quite decent food and reasonable price.

Sorry no pictures, try blogs below for pictures.......ha ha meehoon is just meehoon right? that's why I didn't bother with picture......ha ha.

Hmm..on second thoughts, for benefits of non-malaysian readers, here are pictures of fried meehoon and satay..

chicken satay by awhiffoflemongrass.
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