Saturday, 27 December 2008

Santai Restaurant and Café , Taman Tun Dr. Ismail

I don't cook..well I cooked once in a while if I feel like it but I don't really know how to cook small portion, so when I cooked it will be a lot and I'll keep the leftover in the fridge and I don't have to cook again for days......:-)

Sometimes my bf feels like eating home cooked meal and I'll cook our dinner but most of the time we eat out...Santai is one of our fav eateries. They serves typical Malay-Thai food - tomyam, kerabu mangga (mango salad), Ikan Tiga Rasa (Fish with 3 types of flavour), Ayam masak halia (chicken cooked with ginger), sambal petai udang (prawn & petai sambal), paprik dishes, fried kailan with salted fish etc.

Those that I listed? well..those are what we normally ordered. Their tomyum - one of the better ones that I tasted in KL.

I used to frequent their branch in Tesco Mutiara Damansara when it was one of the stalls at the food court (now they operate full fledge restaurant inside Tesco complex); the stall was always full with diners queing for their when we found their outlet (or rather parent co) in TTDI, told my bf the food in Tesco was good so TTDI must be good too. Since then, we frequented the place whenever we feel like having hot, freshly prepared dishes (well when we are hungry and can devour a cow or two ha ha).

The price? well not that cheap..more expensive than than those street stalls but the place looks clean and the food is we don't mind paying a little extra.

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Croesus said...

Last weekend my bf and I visited Santai again. We ordered tomyam, ikan bawal 3 rasa, kailan ikan masin and sambal udang petai.

Tasted good to me but my bf thought it wasn't as good as their usual offering...