Monday, 29 December 2008

Seafood Stall Jalan Imbi revisit

Ha ha I just visited this place on 23/12/08 (5 days ago) and today 28/12/08 I'm back here. Last visit, I visited the place with my nephew after my visit to Dr Ting (btw the black spot on my cheek just dropped off yesterday while washing my face).

Well today I visited the place with my dearest bf. Well he was not feeling well and asked me to fetch him from his house, so I did and we drove to Jln Imbi.

We sat down and while waiting for the waitress to take our order we could here shoutings from the next table. The diners from the next table feasted on seafood and just walked away without paying! the stall owners kept on shouting after them to pay up but they just walked off! Bad bad bad men tsk tsk. I guess the hawkers should demand for payment upon delivery of food...quite a lot of opportunists out there....

As for us..Well today we ordered kam heong crabs, mussles, fried rice and spinach and for drinks we ordered coconut and bottled water.

How much? My bf paid and I didn't notice how much he paid. The mussels were big and juicy and tasty...but the sauce a bit watery. The crabs...hmm don't really like it. We can taste the curry paste (not cooked long enough) and quite salty too. I guess the cook was distracted by the non-paying customers. Poor man...We tried his sweet and sour crab before, tasted much better than tonight's kam heong.

Portion quite big and we couldn't finish the crabs and we tapau (packed) it back..

As per previous posting, I couldn't find a lot of blogging about this place...strange though I noticed lots of diners everytime we visited the place. Last night we were there about 10pm and they already ran out of prawns and siput sedut (snails)...

Update 10/3/09:
Finally found what others said about this place:
  2. (with map)
how to get there - the food court is sited between Jalan Padang and Jalan Walter Grenier. You'll not miss it, from afar you can smell good food and you can see big flame when the cook is working his magic,+Jalan+Imbi,+Kuala+Lumpur,+Wilayah+Persekutuan+55100+


Anonymous said...


Can u briefly describe the location for this place? I am keen to bring my bf =p

Croesus said...

Behind Ting clinic Jln Imbi (food court opposite Bintang Palace night club, not right in front, the other one, the one you've to walk in slightly (if you remember one case about travel agent who ran off with their clients money? opposite their office - Wisma Excellence, 28 & 30 Jalan Padang Walter Grenier, Off Jalan Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur).

Croesus said...

hmm I stumbled onto masak masak blog about this place. She called it Asia Seafood. hmm never noticed the name whenever I visited the place. Anyway read her review here