Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Seafood Stall Jalan Imbi

Yesterday I took leave to go to Ting clinic at Jalan Imbi. Nothing serious, I just had this irritating bump on my cheek which I hope Dr Ting can fixed. Guess what? Reached the clinic at 12 noon, my number was 80. The receptionist told me to call at 5pm just to check if my turn is almost there or not (but she mentioned most slightly you'll be attended to at about 7pm). Anyway, took my number and went to my bro's house at Jalan U-Thant to wait there.

Reached his house and film crews were busy shooting at his house (outside the house)..ha ha he's a happy man now, he has been earning side income for allowing film crews to use his house as their studio of sort.....I think so far 5 films (tv drama) used his house........and counting, more are making enquiries and arrangement....

Anyway, I had free lunch yesterday since the crews had their own caterer and provided food for the house owner too. I always thought (from tv shows), that the actors and crews will enjoy lavish food - buffet style.....but their lunch actually was quite simple - yeterday they served sambal tumis sotong (squid in spicy sauce), gulai ikan kering (salted fish curry - Kedah specialty, I guess special request from the crews because I heard lots of them conversing in Kedah dialect), kangkung belacan (water convolvulus with shrimp paste) and rice! A simple fare (according to my nephew, that's how they eat everytime shooting is in progress). Taste? Quite delicious actually.....:-)
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Anyway, back to Dr Ting story, I called the clinic again at 6.30pm and told them I'll be there around 7.30pm. Guess what? Went there at 7.30pm and I still have to wait a while, my turn was at 8pm. I asked the nurse "do you close at 9pm?", she said "no, we closed at 6pm but if we couldn't attend to everyone on time, we'll close after we finished with everyone." My consultation and procedure only took me like less than 10 minutes! Cost me RM90.00.

After the clinic, I remembered a great seafood stall just behind the clinic (food court opposite Bintang Palace night club, not right in front, the other one, the one you've to walk in slightly (if you remember one case about travel agent who ran off with their clients money? opposite their office - Wisma Excellence, 28 & 30 Jalan Padang Walter Grenier, Off Jalan Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur).

This place is one of our fav places (my bf and I), we always have their garlic prawns, lala and sometimes siput sedut or crab (that's all that the stall has to offer - you just order prawn or whatever but they only serve same style of cooking - you can't be asking I want prawn cooked in A style or B style or whatever, you eat what the cook serves you). To accompany the dishes, normally we'll order fried rice and drinks from other stalls. Ohh the operator is actually a husband (cook) and wife (waitress) team (they've indon helper too) must be the heat...every time I visited the place, the couple will never fail to provide 'entertainment' to diners....they shout to each other, sounded like fighting (and nagging) but I guess that's how they communicate with each other....:-)

Anyway, last night I ordered prawns (garlic prawn) and siput to tapau (pack) back. Not cheap, both dishes cost me RM50.00. Actually, wanted to let my sis, bro and nephew to try the food. They love it. But for those who hate garlic (vampires?) this is not the place for you.

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