Sunday, 18 January 2009

California Express BBQ and Grille Station - 1 Utama Old Wing

Went for my facial at Leonard Drake 1-Utama today (2.15pm), I was rushing from home and didn't eat anything for b'fast/lunch except a few pieces of Mark & Spencer Chocolate Viennese Sandwich with a mug of coffee (nescafe).

So by the time I finished with my facial it was already about 4.45pm and I was famished! But I need to run some errands for my sister (at Jusco) before I eat. Passed by KFC and saw lots of people queing so I went to Jusco to buy SKII set for my sis. Once done walked back to KFC, still a long que!

So, decided to walk over to Jusco food court (opposite Jusco supermarket) and walked around and see what can I eat - sushi? not in the mood; nasi lemak? no; roast chicken? no; noodles? no; pau? no; various snacks? no. Finally I settled on food from California Express BBQ and Grille Station. I saw quite a number of people eating didn't look that appertising but I just don't know what to eat...:-(

I ordered (tapau) fish and chips and chicken chop (thought of going to my sis's house after I was done with 1-Utama). Sigh...had to wait quite a while. When I asked the bangladeshi waiter he apologised - he said they only have one cook so it'll take a while....thought of leaving but the bangla looked soo sincere and I felt guilty to cancel my order...

Reached home (decided to forget about my sis's house, too tired) and decided to eat both dishes (ha ha didn't finish them, just tried a bit from both dishes), nothing great, but then again what can one expect? It is cheap. Exceeds my expectation though..I though it will taste a lot worse :-)

Surprisingly, quite a few bloggers actually love this place. For pictures and price and review on various dishes visit blogs listed below.

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