Sunday, 8 February 2009

Chili's Grill & Bar

Occasionally I crave for western/tex-mex food, but sometimes I had the craving when I had to dine solo. So, what do I do? Well....I'll drive to 1-Utama and head to TGIF or Chili's Grill & Bar and tapau food from there. Ha ha believe it or not sometimes I just parked my car, went up to Chili's, ordered my food and drove back!

Most of the time I'll tapau either buffalo wings and/or combo fajitas (beef+chicken - cajun style). Sometimes I'll go for grilled chicken salad or their burger. Tried their ribs before - don't like it. Their steak? Yeah tried that too and don't like it either.

Few days back, i was craving for off I went to 1-Utama. I ordered grilled chicken salad, triple play and combo cajun fajitas. A lot huh? Well I was greedy and of course I couldn't finish everything by myself. Well..I didn't waste the food, I just dumped the left over in my fridge and they lasted 3 days ha ha. Day 1 I had Chicken salad and a bit of triple play. Day 2 n 3 I stuffed on the rest of the food :-).

Anyway, I don't think I'll ever order triple play again - I love buffalo wings but the batter covered chicken was very oily and the egg rolls taste weird. Fajitas? I always love it but sometimes Chili's standard dipped a bit and the beef/chicken they served not that juicy (quite dry). Their grilled chicken salad was excellent.

Actually TGIF and Chili's are not the best places to go for western/tex-mex food, so why bother? well as I said sometimes I just feel like having food I mentioned earlier and these two outlets are the nearest to my place and they are quite tapau-friendly, just go to the bar, order and wait (sometimes I'll go some place else and return to collect the food later). If I wait at the bar, the waiter will serve coca cola for me on the house.

If I were to choose between the 2 eateries, I'll pick Chili's over TGIF. Chili's food is much better than TGIF.

Ohh..I should mention this, Chili's burger taste better if you leave it in the fridge a day or two before consuming it (of course I experienced this after I couldn't finish my food and stuffed them in the fridge). Sounds gross huh? Not really lah, normally I'll reheat the left over food in the oven before consuming them. How to throw away, expensive oii! My recent tapau food cost me RM85!

If I were to go with my friends to Chili's of course we always ordered bottomless drinks and nachos! I think that's the best thing about Chili's just sit down order the bottomless drinks and snacks and just chat away until someone says "Sorry guys got to go." :-)

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