Thursday, 5 February 2009

Restoran Sri Nirwana Maju Bangsar

Tonight my bf needed to fix his glasses, so we went to BSC to our regular optician. After that we went to look at books at Times and decided to go to Sri Nirwana Maju for dinner. We used to frequent this place quite often but since BV1 & 2 started their business there we stopped going as finding parking place was not easy.

Anyway, since we were in the vicinity we decided to have our dinner there. The place was packed with diners! We wanted to sit outside (at the kaki lima) but all tables were fully seated
and the only table available was inside the shop (quite stuffy);

while ordering food, my bf noticed empty table outside the shop and quickly grabbed it!

The waiter then started piling up our leaves with rice, followed with side dishes (as shown in pictures) and we selected fish curry as our gravy. We also ordered additional dishes - fried tenggiri, chicken varuval and lamb dish.

Taste wise - we quite like this place but we wish they'll serve hot dishes (and hot steaming rice) instead of cold dishes and luke warm rice.

I couldn't finish my portion and my bf finished them for me.

We still prefer Kanna...

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Delia said...

i've tried both and so far..i prefer Sri Paandi in TTDI. try have banana leaf there and tell me what u think ya? ;)