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Halal indian restaurants in KL

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I've yet to hear indian restaurants serving pork in M'sia. So I supposed all indian restaurants are pork free. However, not all indian restaurants owners are muslim, so for me if I were to eat at pork free restaurants (those without Jakim cert or halal cert from meat supplier) I'll stick to non meat dishes.

List of indian or mamak or moghul restaurants in KL/S'ngor are endless. I like Kanna in PJ (heard abt it on radio n told my bf abt it, one of our most frequented joints), we frequented Pelita in Jln Ampang often too - food not too bad and the location is very convenient for us hence the frequency of visits. Ohh I like Devi's Corner too in Bangsar n an indian restaurant next to Madam Kwan Bangsar - just couldn't recall the name.

As for Moghul food, Nawab at Chulan Square not bad at all

There's another moghul restaurant in Desa Sri Hartamas, very nice n cheaper than Nawab (typical mamak joint but serving moghul food) - ha ha again just couldn't recall the name. But my bf knows where's the place, will make an effort to jot down the name next time we are there.

There are 2 places that I like but I just couldn't recall the name nor the exact locations - fish head curry in Sentul (my sub-contractor brought me there loong time ago) n a banana leaves restaurant somewhere in PJ - this restaurant displays/hangs quotes from various political leaders like TDM, Samy Vellu, Gandhi n few others.

Ha ha from this post u'll notice I'm quite hopeless with names...I guess my bf always know where to go for good food n I rely heavily on him to get us there. I should make extra effort to jot down or at least remember the restaurants names so I can share with my friends.

Here are amongst many restaurants in town as recommended by floggers:

**Some of the restaurants below are pork-free i.e. not certified halal by JAKIM because they serve alcohol at their premises or they did not apply for halal certification from JAKIM. Check before ordering food to satisfy yourself that meat served was procured from halal certified supplier.

1. Madurai Sri Meenakshi Mess Lebuh Ampang

2. Santa Capati House Jln tun HS Lee

3. Tiger Jit Singh Chapati Jln San Peng

4. Gem KL Sentral

5. Mathai’s Brickfield

6. Gopala Brickfield

7. Hare Krsna Vegetarian Brickfield

8. Indian sweetmeats

9. Vishal's, Brickfields

10. Restoran B’Sentral Brickfield

11. Spice Garden Bangsar

12. Sagar Bangsar

13. Kanna Curry House PJ

14. Raju Jln Gasing PJ

15. Manja Curry House PJ

16. Lotus PJ

17. Chola Spice Garden Bdr Sunway

18. More at and here


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more review

Croesus said...

The Moghul restaurant which I mentioned in the above posting is called Spicy Kitchen in Desa Sri Hartamas. Just went there on 4/11/08. Love their garlic naan, chicken karahi n mango lassi.

found bloggers' comments here:

Comment by makakeke

Croesus said...

Just came back from Pelita Jln Ampang - I had rice/fish curry/cabbage/fried tenggiri n sotong. My bf had the same except instead of cabbage, he had long beans n instead of tenggiri he had fried chicken. Ohh no sotong for him. Not bad RM11.00 for both of us. I like the curry but I prefer fried fish/chicken etc freshly prepared like Kanna's. n of course hot curry (both in taste n temperature) - Pelita's curry n rice - hot but not steaming hot; I still prefer Kanna's. Other bloggers' take on Pelita 1. ; 2. ;