Friday, 31 October 2008

Halal restaurants in Chiang Mai
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I've been planning to go to Chiang Mai for quite some time, research done BUT the plan yet to materialize :-( I guess why not share my research with fellow travellers eh?

Khao soi from lam duan by phil.lees.
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1. Muslim hotel with halal restaurant
Farooq - Jen Pao halal Chinese restaurant has moved to Chiang Roy hotel on Arak (J1). Tel: 084-150-6243.

Baantai Hotel

2. Hotel near halal eateries –
Suriwongse Hotel

Pornping Tower

Lanna Palace







9. New in Anusarn Market is Al-Hussain, open daily 9am-midnight. Tel: 053-284-125. For more additions/listings, see which offers information on Muslim food and restaurants throughout Thailand.



12. With food review

13. With food review

14. With food review

15. With food review


17. Tips

18. Muslim areas - Chang Peuak and South Changklan) are predominantly Bengali, or South Asian in character, whilst two others (Ban Haw and Sanphakoi) are predominantly Yunnanese.

19. ASMA RESTAURANT - Now an open air restaurant behind the Peak center in night bazaar Nice decor and Muslim food and reasonably priced with air conditioning and friendly staff.


Marina said...

wow..great job with the compilation of halal restaurants everywhere. thank you for compiling this list. your effort will insya Allah be rewarded..

Kak Syam said...

TQ. Good info. I would like to know about Baantai Hotel. Is this hotel is muslim hotel?.

Croesus said...

Salam Kak Syam,

I don't know whether Baantai Hotel is Muslim owned or not; according to their website food served at the hotel is halal.