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Halal restaurants in Siem Reap & Phnom Penh
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With Air Asia most of us manage to go for holiday outside Malaysia more than once a year. I think because of increasing numbers of tourist visiting places like Siem Reap, Hanoi etc, more restaurants were set up n amongst them halal restaurants....yeay (jumping with joy).

The last trip I went to Siem Reap n Phnom Penh I joined a muslim group tour (my first time joining tour group - I followed my sis n her colleagues), I don't think I'll join tour group ever again unless I've to (trip to Makkah for one).

Once we arrived in Siem Reap we were taken to an Indian Restaurant for late lunch. Then dinner for the entire trip was at a local malay restaurant - some of the group members actually taught the cook how to cook M'sian malay food! n u guessed it - we've M'sian malay food for the entire trip!

Then, we went to Phnom Penh - same thing again M'sian malay food for all our meals!

For me if I were to travel away from my country I like to experience everything about the country - their food, their culture, their sights etc. But my tour group members were more interested in shopping!

Ohh..I knew thing were not right way from the beginning when the chief organizer planned the itinerary - she included (at the request of some of her friends) visits to local muslim villages n orphanages n reduced the duration for other things things that ppl do when they are in Angkor - visit Angkor!

I blew my top n told her to return my money as my intention was to visit n experience Siem Reap / Phnom Penh n not joining a missionary tour. Anyway, I was the odd one in the group, but for some reason they obliged n stuck to the original plan (by travel agent) but they still squeezed in visits to local muslim villages in Siem Reap n Phnom Penh. Well at least only 2 villages instead of a few as planned by the ladies earlier....bizarre...

Obviously I didn't enjoy that trip much but I love visiting the ancient temples n definitely will visit Angkor again Insyaallah. Next time free n easy.....

Anyway, here are halal eateries in Siem Reap & Phnom Penh:

Degustation of Amok - Banana Leaf Restaurant - Siem Reap by Alexandra Moss.
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1. Hotel with halal restaurant Siem Reap –

a. Princess Angkor

b. Damnak Angkor Village

2. Hotels with halal restaurants Phnom Penh
City Villa


Holiday Villa

3. Restaurants Siem Reap







g. vegetarian

4. KFC
5. Food review

6. Restaurants - Phnom Penh / Siem Reap

7. Restaurants Phnom Penh

8. Tips –,26058,24022310-27977,00.html


putri said...

Hey cool blog! Keep up the good work!
-Putri (halal food blogger)

Croesus said...

thanks putri :-)

Tony Liu said...

You took a very attractive picture & make me very hungryp while looking at it.
Good Work.

Croesus said...

Thanks Tony BUT those are not my pictures :-) if you click at the links below the pictures, it will direct you to the photographer's sites. Yeah these guys took reaaly good pictures.

Anonymous said...

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