Tuesday, 30 December 2008

E san Kitchen Taman Seputih

Few days back my ex-boss texted my ex-colleague NMM, suggesting dinner with his family. He invited 5 of us and only 3 could make it as the other 2 had other things planned.

We met up at TH's house in Bangsar and NMM picked us up. It was quite fast to get to Old Klang Road from Bangsar, I know that we could cross Tmn Desa to get to Tmn Seputih but tonight we couldn't find the right turning, in the end we decided to use the 'straight forward road' and headed to Jln Syed Putera and then headed towards Tmn Seputih.

My ex-boss gave quite a good instruction and we managed to find the place - it is called E San Kitchen a Thai restaurant. My ex-boss and his family were already there when we reached the restaurant.

We were served pandan flavoured water when we sat down and the waitress kept on topping up the drinks through out dinner - I don't like it. I prefer plain water ha ha. According to my ex-boss they served different kind of food from those we normally sampled in KL.

My ex-boss then proceeded with our order - fried egg salad, grilled haruan fished (grilled with lots of salt), tempura kangkung (not sure what the menu called it but looks like tempura to me), fish cakes, green curry (beef) and minced chicken salad. I didn't look at the menu but I supposed my description is closed enough to what was described in the menu.

Well...my ex-boss was right, the food was certainly different from what we normally called 'Thai food' - the dishes were on the sweetish side, I guess E San is like Thailand's Terengganu...you know? I mean Terengganu folks love sweetish dishes ..:-). But I'm sure NMM begs to differ, she's from T'ganu and she's not a fan of sweetish food.

Fried egg salad - basically fried eggs tossed with lime juice and fish sauce and topped with tomato and coriander leaves. Pretty dish. Taste? sweet...

Grilled haruan fish - big fish! surprisingly even though it was grilled with lots of salt, the fish was not salty at all. Why? they removed the skin covered salt before serving the dish. The fish tasted ok to me but the sauce (served separately).. again on the sweetish side.

Tempura kangkung - well..deep fried kangkung in batter...also served with sweetish sauce (served separately).

Green curry - the beef slices were tender, quite nice but the gravy...you guessed it..sweetish!

Fish cakes - not bad at all, chewy and we can taste the herbs blended with the fish..so far my fav dish here.

Minced chicken salad - well the name described it quite well, minced chicken tossed with fish sauce, lime juice and sugar and garnished with thai basil leaves...

Finally dessert..basically same base ie cooconut milk but with different filling - water chestnut, cendol, tapioca, yam, pumpkin and few other varieties. We ordered 5 different varieties. Actually I like the dessert - not too rich, not too sweet...

What do I think of the restaurant? Hmm...I'm from Kedah and I like spicy and hot food (cili padi hot), so I guess for those who can't tolerate hot and spicy food this is the place for you to sample Thai food without sweating buckets......:-)

I can't find any blogging about this place except here http://preciouspea.blogspot.com/2008/11/e-san-kitchen-taman-seputeh-kl.html . Better pictures here and complete with address and map.

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