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Dee Nasi Kampung, Pumpong Alor Setar

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I came back to Alor Setar (AS) on 31/12/08; my father was scheduled for a minor surgery at Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah on 1/1/09; because of his age he was admitted to the hospital on 30/12/08 and the operation date was on 1st Jan 09. He was admitted earlier because he has high blood pressure and doctor need to make sure he's fit for operation.
Views from my father's ward

However on 1/1/09, his blood pressure was 220 and the operation was cancelled. He's still at the hospital as his bp is still unstable. They'll only release him and schedule another surgery date once his bp issue is addressed.

Food? Well I love Kedah food - prepared by kedahan and cooked in Kedah :-) Had an enjoyable dinner prepared by my sis-in-law - Kedah Laksa, sambal belacan (prepared by my niece), Ikan Masak Asam (Fish cooked in tamarind sauce), Ikan masak sambal (fish in chilly gravy), sayur sawi mustard leaves) and fried fish. Simple and tasty.

For lunch the next day 1/1/09 we went to Dee Nasi Kampung (my fav restaurant whenever I'm in AS). For me all their dishes are tasty. I packed these dishes back - fried chicken with honey (my nephew loves this so much that he asked my sis in law to cook the same dish again for lunch the next day), fried chicken, fish head curry, salted fish curry, bamboo shoot curry, fried salted fish, asam pedas keladi, vegetable soup with fish balls, grilled catfish and ulam. Only RM88 and can feed 20 hungry diners! For location refer to google maps below.

View from the back of the restaurant (left), Dee's lunch spread

Malay salad spread (ulam) - top left paku rawan, bottom left jantung pisang, bottom right kerabu daun selom and top right daun putat and lettuce.

Salted fish curry (left) and fish head curry (right)

Fried chicken (left), Ikan masak lemak cili api (right)

Our lunch for today - fried chicken with honey, fried chicken with batter, chicken curry, ulam, stir fried mixed vegetable and hati masak lada (cow's liver with black pepper sauce).

Dishes were prepared by both my sis in-laws - DELICIOUS!!! Sorry no pic, too busy eating he he.

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