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Bukit Gantang lay-by south bound (hentian sebelah)

I left Alor Setar on 3/1/09 (hitched a ride with my sis and her family). On the way to KL we stopped by at PLUS highway Bukit Gantang lay-by south bound for lunch. I've never stopped here before as I always thought lay-by does not have f&b facilities.....:-)

I think PLUS did a good job at upgrading their lay-bys and rest areas. The landscape here in Bkt Gantang is actually quite beautiful....sort of mini park where one can relax after a long journey and once freshen up ready to head to next destination...

According to my niece, my bro-in-law loves to stop at this lay-by everytime they passed by because he likes to buy fresh fruits sold from various stalls here. I saw ciku, mangos, jambu air, durian menggala, guava, papaya, salak amongst other fruits sold here.

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As for food? Well they only have 2 food stalls and 2 drink stalls. We bought mihun sup & 2 nasi campur (total RM11) from a stall called Mak Lang D'village :-). My youngest niece bought fried kueytiaw and fried egg from Aneka Rasa stall (RM1.60). I had the mihun sup and my 2 nieces had nasi campur. My mihun sup tasted not bad at all, Mak Lang was pretty generous with fishballs, chicken etc in the soup. My 2 nieces polished off their plates too (probably they were hungry). Wasn't quite sure where did my sis n hubby bought their lunch as we had to sit at separate tables as the place was quite pack during our visit - school holiday.

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We bought our drinks from Ina's cafe - 5 drinks at RM4.50 but my niece said the cashier had an attitude problem! Customers were queing up to pay & order drinks and she just couldn't be bothered - just ignored the customers and chit chatted with her friend (a worker from the same stall). Maybe if I were to stop here again next time I'll try the next stall Anjung Selera R'tiez.

I think the facilities offered here are quite good (surau, toilet, petrol station, wakaf, fruit stalls n eateries) though cleanliness wise the hawkers and PLUS staff should work harder at it - quite a lot of flies and the floors were quite dirty.

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