Sunday, 11 January 2009

Genting Highland weekend drive

My bf & I idea of weekend getaway (or weekend dinner or tea) is driving up to Genting Highland. My friends and colleagues think we are crazy just to drive up to Genting for dinner! To us, why not? It is less than an hour drive, we can just go up and come down and be home in a couple of hours.

We love to walk around in cold mountain air, clean crisp air...the mist..well at least for a short drive we get to enjoy countryside....away from noise, smoke, dirty air...

Misty...unlike typical Malaysian scene huh?

Today we did the same again..he picked me up about 4ish, we drove up in a lotus...ha ha trying a new car. Went up and chuckled everytime we caught envious or admiring glances thrown at the car...half way up, we took off the roof and was really nice driving and feeling the wind and the air... clean and sweet.

On the way up we had our lunch (late lunch) at Gohtong Jaya. We had prawn noodle and bought some berangan and continue our journey up.

on the way to this spot we saw a couple of mini waterfalls....

Thick soft carpet...

We didn't gamble, just drove up and whenever we found a good spot, we stopped..admired the scenery, inhaled clean air and moved on to the next spot...:-)

Beautiful haunting view..perfect for horror movie? Behind the mist - an abandoned half constructed building.

On the way down we stopped at Chin Swee Temple to walk about..nice place to walk around and to view beautiful mountain scenery. We've been to this place many times and it never fails to impress us with its views....

Views from Chin Swee temple

We left Chin Swee temple and stopped at Awana for our tea..well he had coffee and I had tea and we shared a slice of strawberry cheesecake.

And we got home at about 7.30pm!

Food in Genting? Not bad and not that great but we love to go up there for a spot of fresh air and beautiful views......and of course spend time with each other...bliss..