Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Restoran Ayuthai Taman Melawati

Went to Mindef for a meeting today. After meeting, one of my colleagues (who drove) was required to accompany the consultants and client to visit site, for the rest of us we had to wait at the road side...HOT HOT.......

Anyway, after waited for them for quite a while the architect suggested that we should go for lunch. Hmm about time! I was reaaaaly HUNGRY!

We were not sure where we were heading so we just followed our site staffs' car and they brought us to Restoran Ayuthai Taman Melawati.

My colleague (from site) ordered the food for 15 of us...the first to arrive tomyam soup campur...tasted very good (maybe because I was hungry?), then came stir fried kailan (not that good kinda tough), next..kerabu suun (tasted weird...can taste some sort of artificial flavour...something like instant noodle flavour powder), next chicken cooked with some sort of sauce (ayam paprik?) ...don't like this one either...the flavour a bit too strong. Next ayam pandan (over fried) but the taste and texture quite different from other thai places. Tasted like the chicken meat was minced and mixed with spices, wrapped with pandan leaf and fried. Not bad, but I prefer the usual pandan chicken. Last dish delivered to our table - steamed fish (kerapu?)...don't fancy this dish either but I think some of my colleagues loved it.

Over all I think the tomyam is good but the rest...pretty bad.

Ohh I read the review by blogger below about pandan chicken that they had at this place quote "It was oh so good, that you just wanted to pop them in your mouth every chance you got. Even though I said pop in your mouth, it was still too big to do so in actuality. You could tell that the chicken was fully marinated and rested, before it was enveloped with pandan leaves and fried fragrant." Hmm did we go to the same restaurant? the pieces served to us....really tiny and the leaves and chicken pieces were charred pretty badly!

Restoran Ayuthai
15, Jalan Bandar 1, Taman Melawati, 53100 Hulu Klang, Selangor DE, Malaysia

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azyze gomez said...

hello croesus,
thanks for linking my blog here.

me and my family have frequent ayuthai since... well, since before they were ayuthai. we're big fans of tomyam and so far, i personally think they serve the best tomyam (and thai ginger beef) in Melawati.

that being said...

my last visit to ayuthai was during buka puasa last year, and since then i've heard from friends that they don't serve as big of a portion as they used to. i noticed the price hike when i was last there too... someone even told me that their stuff tastes so different, they must've hired a new cook.

I'll try and make some time to visit ayuthai again soon, and will report back here. I hope i won't be let down, but looking at the odds.... ergh

crossing my fingers, still ;)

Croesus said...

hi azyze,
I don't think I'll ever visit this place again (given a choice) :-)

Yeah but pls share your experience (next visit), we probably chose wrong dishes the other day...

ha ha but it was on company's never mind la. free lunch.